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Anthro artist and writer. Bi but not remotely out of closet yet. Have a associates degree in printing and a bachelors degree in game design. Play M:TG casually these days. Used to sing in a metal band. Don't currently own a scanner so sadly never get to post my art. As for my stories I'm a bit too much of a perfectionist to share those as I never feel they are remotely ready. species dragon
gender male from niagara, usa
loves 3D, Abduction, Adult likes 69, 70s, 80s tolerates Anal vore, Bizarre, Bukkake
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Latest Journal posted 14 Feb 2014

Hello everyone and thank you for a moment of your time,

There is a group of writers who I follow religiously and really wish more people would read their stories.  They are all very very talented and I'm happy as well as very proud to call some of them my friends.  Each of them have their own style when it comes to writing but each are oh so very talented so much to the point that I wish I were half as talented as they are.  I have enjoyed a lot of their series but I will suggest stories to get you on your experience reading their works.  You may see a theme which is unintentional but the reason for the theme is this series/theme was one I really do get behind as the mythos behind it really is something else.  But please please please give these series a try not for me but for yourself.  These writers are so talented and deserve to have more people reading their stories and supporting them.

Aux Chiens ( )- Very very talented writer and one of the most deep ...


BigBadDragon 1 week ago
Thanks for the watch!
Gideon Kalve Jarvis 2 weeks ago
Hey there. Hope that I make your list of writers to read someday. Also, pm me sometime about game design: I'm working on an idea for something I wanted to write and then sell on RPG Drivethru, but felt a more professional approach might help.
disturbed01 2 weeks ago
Give it some time been busy reading a lot of my current fav authors but when I have read enough of your works will see. I like to be able to write a valid and accurate opinion as to what I think of your works and how they affected me. I have a positive impression of your works already but still need time to form what I should say.

As for game design I'll gladly help you if you like too at the very least point you in the correct direction. As a game design document can be a bit tricky to flesh out correctly. I know wiki has something on it but it can be a little more intense than even they really mention ( as the avg game design document in the industry can be in the neighborhood of 50-150pages or even more depending on the scope of the game. I don't expect you would want too go too those extremes as that is for big game companies along the lines of Raven Studios or such. But I'm happy to lend my knowledge in any way I can.
BPanthress 3 weeks ago
Thanks for the watch!
Starkraven 1 month ago
Thank you very much.
ArgosKear 1 month ago
Many thanks for another fave!
SMWolf 1 month ago
Thanks for another Fave!
Eiji Otaka 2 months ago
Thanks for watching and the vote and fave on Spreading Urban Myths. I'm really glad you liked it.
Angrynightmob 2 months ago
Thanks for the fave :3
Tim the Ecaflip 2 months ago
thanks a lot for the watch =D
Jarfox 2 months ago
Thanks for the watch! X3