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About Tantorog
My fursona's name is Raskio.

And he's a mixbreed between a crocodile and a gorn - meaning a strong spiked lizard, which is 2 metres tall.

I should perhaps say, that I looooove cheetahs :P
species crocodile/gorn
gender male from Kontiolahti/Chemnitz/Innsbruck, Finland/Germany/Austria
loves Anatomically Correct, Arctic Fox, Arctic Wolf likes 69, 70s, 8-bit tolerates Adolescent, Afghan hound, African hates 3D, 420, ACEO
81 submissions 42,239 page views 166 comments received 623 comments posted 18,217 profile views
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Latest Journal posted 09 Jan 2014

it looks like it, there might be no way around.

If I don't have 100€ together until tomorrow for paying my lawyer that he can order a look into the cases..... hopeless...

The last money I have are 50€ and if I give only that I will have no more money until the end of the month

And telling to me "Ugh you do not do anything for it" >__>

I am working my ass off, music, science, translations, videos etc. - I offer widely my talents for even less money and nobody buys my stuff nor comissions me

F**** this shit!

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HollyFox 3 months ago
Thanks for the watch! You are the first person to watch me! yay!
KitKaramak 4 months ago
Thanks for the watch!!
acynnonyx 9 months ago
hi ^^
SeleneWerewolf 11 months ago
Thank you for the watch! c:
LeonardLion_O 1 year ago
Thanks for the watch
Belic Bear 1 year ago
Heya Raskio! *gives the lizard a big friendly bear hug* Thanks for the watch! I'm honored! ;o)

Love your suit and photos! Being part Gorn, are you a Trek fan? I know that's probably a really stupid question. People who aren't into Trek wouldn't even know what a Gorn is! XD
Tantorog 1 year ago
well of course I am a Trekker, a die-hard one...... there are people who consider me as "cooler than Spock" and stuff like this or "one dimension above and you could be a Q".........meeeeh XD
Belic Bear 1 year ago
Well great to meet another Trek fan! My first con was a Trek one, and even though I'm not as hardcore as some full-blown Trekkers, I've been watching the series since the 70's (original, then TNG). In fact, the very first Trek episode I ever saw was Arena! XD
Graventhax 1 year ago
Hehe ;)
the_cooler 1 year ago
Thanks for the fave.
Toumal 1 year ago
Mreeoo ^^
TateShaw 1 year ago
thanks for the favs