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loves Albino, Amphibian, Bear likes Avian, Bovine, Caprine
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Squirrelybull 3 months ago
Does anyone know how to get in communication with seminar?
Io 2 years ago
Hey! *Pounces, Hugs & Licks* I hope you're doing fine & in good health wishing you & yours the happiness of Xmas & all the best of this coming New Year!

Seductive Dragon 2 years ago
Oops late dwaggy here heh~ But you are quite welcome dear!
zeminor 2 years ago
aww you called me dear i like you ^_^
whyme3001 2 years ago
I loved it hehe
zeminor 2 years ago
:P good thats what we like to hear
northern_fox 2 years ago
*hugs you*
zeminor 2 years ago
*blushes and hugs back*
Mistmonster 2 years ago
You gots good arts. =B
zeminor 2 years ago
thanks buddy ^_^ were glad you like us
Kasem 2 years ago
You're welcome.
Pfhor 2 years ago
Hey :3 Have another watch :D
zeminor 2 years ago
:P i always like more watchers lol
Pfhor 2 years ago
Fo the last time, you are the legend :3
zeminor 2 years ago
icon_redface.gif aww thanks
122x1 2 years ago
did not remember witch one but i found out but yeah lol
ur welcome
Randar 2 years ago
Just doing whatever to help you out.