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About RuthofPern

Hello. I am a 35 year old furrotica whore.

Though I have a least two ongoing stories in progress, I am quite willing to take commisions as well.  Ask me to write anything, and I can only say no.  Some areas of the fandom I just do not find attractive!

Happily mated to Raiyoku now...we now reside in Australia together happily!

Send me a P.M if you are interested and we can take it from there.

Yours R.o.P.

I am now an official twit as find me Twitter as @RuthofPern...just watch the capital letters!

Scalesona below!

I am a bisexual Western dragon currently living in the UK.

I have a feral form that is occasionally seen wandering around in a tutu, though I promise to eat the photographer that managed to catch that picture if I even get him! I reside predominately in my Anthro form though for the sake of being able to live in normal society confines!

In appearance I am white all over, bar a little pink that I may tell you about later! Yup a white dragon...only one of my kind that I know of, as I was hatched a sport that was not thought to be able to survive, but here I am. I stand five foot nine on the crest of my head, but my horns add more height which can cause difficulty in lower ceilinged establishments.

My keratin is black. This means that the nose horn I proudly display between my nostrils stands out strikingly, so I keep it filed neatly to a length of just over an inch. Excellent tool for pleasing the ladies during me! My eyes are topaz blue. I have a flat topped snout, but pronounced eye-ridges that meet in a point between my horns. horns. Gently curved backwards I let then grow out to almost fifteen inches in length on occasions, always filed sharp and if I tilt my head back they rest on my neck. Think of me as a ram! Normally they add around nine or ten inches to my height when my head is in normal posture. I also support three cheek horns on each of my scale ruffs...bit like my reptilian look a likes...bearded dragons!

My ears are internally structured and not visible, just like a reptile's, though I am a hot blooded mammal born of an egg. Females of my species lay eggs into a sand incubator and we hatch around four months later. Males of course do not bear eggs, unless they have been inserted where they are not meant to go during play...and are threaded in a string!

My body is running to paunch I am afraid. Comes of too much courier and office work! I am strong though, a legacy of my work as a tree surgeon, easily able to lift 100 kgs on occasion, and or carry around 50 regularly...when my back allows me to. Working on the belly though, after all I cannot ask that my mate Raiyoku loses his while I retain mine...At the moment I flatten him when I take the top positions in bed! I will always possess love handles though I fear!

My black horns run down the full length of my spine, right to my tail tip. Those that are on the last two feet of my tail are filed me...they need to be for bed play! Raiyoku files and tidy's my spine ridge to a height of no more than two inches, just like his, though I like to wear mine sharp! Ironically, my feral form doesn't have these, but that is for another day.

My foot talons are worn smooth from all the fetch and carry I do, so much as I would like them sharp and long, it just isn't practical. My hands talons are a little different. I have the ability to retract them, so I do keep them sharp and around two inches long. They are never used in play with my Mate though...though guests sometimes like pain should see a Lady shiver when you prick their clit with your talons or nose horn! Or a Gent their prostate...but Raiyoku has a super low pain threshold, so that is a no no. Being the only one of my kind I have always attracted either stares, or bits of fun...still do...Raiyoku and I take turns going out on the pull, therefore filling the third space in our super-sized bed when the mood for sharing takes us!

My wings are fully capable of supporting me in flight even in Anthro form. They span seven feet wide with a three foot gliding surface when extended, but fold neatly to form a cloak across my back most of the time. They are white of course, and consist of a thin membrane as strong as toughened leather. Shirts are buggers to tailor to me...but at least I don't have to wait for cabs and things when I want to get home from the pub!

As for the rest of me, well I am sure that you want to know where the pink comes in. Well I am mammalian as mentioned before and there is only one part of me where my scales let my blood show through...I think you may have guessed which part! Like with all dragon species other than the Eastern s who have sheaths, my belly is flat for aerodynamic reasons when not engaged in amorous play, my tackle being concealed internally in a special pocket. I support a comfortable ten inches where it counts, the end three inches tend to flush pink while in use! My balls are not totally internal like my Mate's, they swing free and clear when I fully invert. So much better to have them out and about so they can be played with!

So that is me then...hope you will recognize me when you bump into me...Ask nicely and you may get an invite home for supper and maybe more!

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Latest Journal posted 30 Mar 2014

Anyone know who makes tails that have LED lights in them?  If so could you drop a link reply in for me.

Thanks R.o.P.

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