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Playing: Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Watching: Cosmos, Through the Wormhole

Bio: I got a paw in two worlds: one of technology and science, the other of magic and an open heart.

Child of nerds in a family stocked with engineers and military buffs, I have faith in the power of the human mind, to use math and tools to solve our own problems. Science gives everything in the world new stories to tell, and makes it richer, more beautiful.

I came prepackaged with instincts to wield magic, to know where sacred places are. In my dreams I walk on black paws. I have stood against the darkness with sage and shovel, walked where myth and reality blend together. My wild heart is at home in nature, and wild places are my churches.

My ideal world has high tech starships and permaculture villages, cybernetic transhumans and tribal shamans. And last but not least, lots of kinky sex.

I'm always looking for new playmates so drop me a shout or note! <3

species Wolf
gender male
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Latest Journal posted 11 Apr 2014

Ok finishing off my series on... the kind of atheists that make me not want to be part of Atheism.

Uber-skeptics, the more I think about it, are an ill-defined concept I dreamt up, and yet... from time to time you'll meet people who fit the bill, online at least. How to put this...

Now there is nothing wrong with skepticism, I rather like the Skeptic Community (or at least, I used to). A normal skeptic is someone like the Mythbusters: yeah, they know your outrageous claim or story is probably full of shit, but they're gonna give you the benefit of the doubt as a person and show why it's wrong. Or maybe they have no idea, but they put it to the most scientific test they can, and watch it fail.

Let's say there's a story that someone (For whatever reason) spread gunpowder on a piece of bread an it exploded a toaster. (I'm making this Mythbusters-esque claim up off the top of my head, assuming this was never actually done on Mythbusters before) The mythbusters would try it, find it...

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Leaffael 3 months ago
Arigato for the watch-o back-o
Spypolygon 1 year ago
Glad your on here too Rune!
Io 1 year ago
Wishing you & yours the best of the holidays
Merry Christmas! *Hugs, Nuzzles & Licks* ^__^
Aquasian 2 years ago
Hooray another frend :D Glad you consider me one :) I hope if you have any problems you will be comfortable enough to share so we can help you when you're feeling down!
Jim Wolfie 2 years ago
Gasp, amazing wolf alert
Sirberus 2 years ago
Just a note to say, the door is always open here, stop in and talk sometime if you are comfy with it. I enjoy everyone's company who can avoid being a judgmental *%@#, so it's as close to safe as I think life offers...
SMWolf 2 years ago
Thanks for the Watch!
OutlawWolf 2 years ago
*takes shout box cherry kindly*
BlackwingDragon 3 years ago
Hmm. You look fuckable. *stalks* hi Xd.