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Under Work species Energy Dragon
gender male
loves Anal, Anatomically Correct, Anthro likes Adult, Bedroom, Bondage tolerates Alien, Chemical Use, Dinosaur hates Human
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Latest Journal posted 26 Nov 2010

Welcome to me! XP

 I'm new on this site, but seems more interesting than I thought =3 For who reads this journal (but probably nobody) my name is Raysen, a young horny dragon XP I'm friendly and kind, so I can be a good friend =3

I'm also a newbie drawer. Started becouse I love dragons, I want to continue to improve, maybe in future to draw yiffs or other pics ;) For now I posted my favourite old works, with my last draw, did some weeks ago (the dragon eye), but I promise you will see new draws! (probably normals, but maybe some yiffs too ;) )

For now it's all. My hope is to find some good friends, here, then... Open Season! *giggles* :3


PS: I have to ask a thing. I don't understand why, but I can't upload an avatar X3 When I click it, the page just became white... And same happens with the banner... Please, someone teach me about the site X3

Raventhan Vaeltaya 1 year ago
Murrrr, hi my love! <3 *kiss deeply <3*
Raysen 1 year ago
Hello <3
Raventhan Vaeltaya 1 year ago
Murrr <3 <3
Raventhan Vaeltaya 2 years ago
Sweeeety!! <3 Didn't know you are here ^^ *pounce*
Dragonfire Ashland 3 years ago
well hello there
Seductive Dragon 3 years ago
Rawr to you too! :3
mugman 3 years ago
thanks for the watch
Lwolfeh 3 years ago
just read your bio, you play armored core? O_O omg, i've never met anybody that played that ^^
Raysen 3 years ago
Really?? Wow, I always thought to be the only one playing it X3
Lwolfeh 3 years ago
same here XD which version you play? AC4 or AC:FA?
Lwolfeh 3 years ago
mah GT is xXLone Wolf18Xx if you ever want a game of something on the 360 ^-^
Raysen 3 years ago
Mine is En3rgyDr4g0n, and I wish play something for sure! I'm playing Halo reach in those days^^
Raysen 3 years ago
AC4, but I played AC Master of Arena (one of the firsts XD) and AC3 Portable on the psp. Waaa, so cool !X3
Lwolfeh 3 years ago
+watch ^^
Dark Phyore 3 years ago
Thanks for the watch, fav and 5 stars =D ~^v^~
Raysen 3 years ago
I wish do the same for all your other pics, becouse they deserve it, but now I don't have time X3
Levitas 3 years ago
* Load the Watch gun *
* Aim Fire!!!!*

So you Draw Dragons, and this realy good so i must watch you :)
Raysen 3 years ago
*looking the gun* wow, great shot! =D