HI! im AMWULF!!!!!
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species wolf husky mix
gender male from USA
loves 69, 80s, Akita likes Avian, Bukkake, Old School
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Latest Journal posted 21 Apr 2014

hi everyone!

i have created a Patreon!


i had waited a while before making one but i felt the time was right to really go for it

and utilize it to better myself as an artist and as a business and along the way give

you guys some awesome rewards and perks!

i cant wait to start creating more and sharing my experiences :D

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DJGoo 2 weeks ago
Gritou 1 month ago
*pokes pokes pokes pokes pokes*
phydoux 2 months ago
absolutely cannot miss any youtubings!
Io 4 months ago
May you & yours have a Merry Christmas & the best wishes of this coming New Year! XP
grizurso 4 months ago
Hera Ledro 4 months ago
Why do I remember you for paws...

*looks at your gallery* Oh, that's why.
BobbyTigre 4 months ago
thanks for watch here too :3
Solarian 5 months ago
Do an AMA? Question 1, why are you so sexy?

Maxie 6 months ago
Athelstan 6 months ago
Cigars and fucking... fucking and cigars... there is more to life, but that's the important stuff!

Thanks for sharing your art.