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Requests: Closed
Commissions: Note Me
Trades: Go for it!
Gift Art: Love it! I'll draw you a picture back if you do!

I don't draw scat, watersports, cub, diapers, inflation, macro, vore or gore. Note me if interested.


Generally, I tend to go for a Cyberpunk-style character (if you don't know what that is, think futuristic style clothing, crossed with a tinge of madness/weirdness)
This usually consists of a leather jacket and black jeans, which have the equivalent of holster straps at various points along the thighs and lower leg - the placement of these does not match on each side. The boots are quite tall and encompass a third of my lower leg.
Under the jacket - a white t-shirt, covered in a tattered mesh vest can be seen. Sometimes, i'm wearing a yellow tinted combat visor or else shades. Fingerless black leather gloves adorn my paws.
Want to know what's under all this? RP with me and find out. *grins and winks*


Fun, friendly and very approachable guy from the United Kingdom - I spend a fair bit of time working on furry art (when i'm not earning -proper- money, haha) and if i'm not doing either of those, i'm playing on the Xbox or a board game somewhere.
I'm conscious about my fitness and such - and therefore try to stay slim and trim. This means I don't smoke or drink or anything like that.
I'm a little bit girly from time to time, just to forewarn you, haha.
And most importantly, I AM VERY WHISPER FRIENDLY. If you see me in chat, do say Hai!

species Wolf
gender male from United Kingdom
loves 80s, Anal, Anthro likes 69, 8-bit, Adventure tolerates 70s, Acid Jazz, Albino hates Cunt Boy, Docking, Drugs
30 submissions 39,807 page views 289 comments received 123 comments posted 10,993 profile views
groups   All Male Gayness
  England Furs!

Latest Journal posted 25 Dec 2013
Hi guys, Timber here.

Just wanted to say 'Happy Christmas' or 'Happy Day' (if you don't celebrate Christmas).

Hope you all have good times with your families or friends, online or in the flesh.
Eat good food. Watch terrible movies. Make plans for 2014. That sorta stuff.

More art is on the way from me - thanks for being patient with me thus far.



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My pleasure man :3 keep up the great work!
kaleemmcintyre 4 weeks ago
We like your work!
Yarek Mooncat 2 months ago
you are very welcome
Foxpiper 3 months ago
Thank you for accepting the friend request.
OneHotWolfie 3 months ago
You're welcome! ^^
GremWolf 4 months ago
Bark bark *sniffs around your page* Good to see a fellow UK fur ^^
kaleemmcintyre 4 months ago
Question, are you doing anymore art?
OneHotWolfie 4 months ago
Yes I am. Currently working on some more Starfox / Starwolf porn. How come? :)
kaleemmcintyre 4 months ago
Because I like your artwork.
OneHotWolfie 4 months ago
Oh well, i'm definitely working on more art. :)
kaleemmcintyre 4 months ago
I'll be looking forward to it.
Kurdan 5 months ago
Just wanted to say "Hi" to you, Hot Wolfie ;)
umd223 1 year ago
You're welcome!
Found it quite cute and murrful xD
Hellykena 1 year ago
TheSuperjordan89 1 year ago
hi cuite