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22 years old and my hobbies are patroling and striking fear in all no good do-ers.... Beware BADDIES! I'M WATCHING YOU! >:( .....Always......
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gender male
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zanderbug4047 1 year ago
Matsufubu? I have a question for you? How would you like to join me and travel the Sofurry Universe with me as a fellow Bounty Hunter and kick Criminal Scum's ASS?!!! Do your part! Kick some Criminal ass! And heres my Transport now?! Your welcome to come aboard if you want? This is one of my many friends! Behold!! The Super Transport Bug!!
zanderbug4047 1 year ago
Hay Matsufubu? Would like to join me and hunt down some criminal scum? I've seen a hole lot of criminal scum around lately and I know just were to find them! By the way? While I was in Rob Swiftclaw's dimension! I saw a hell of a lot of Criminal Scum Bags there! *Hands him a list of all of the Criminal Scum in Rob Swiftclaw's universe! This is what's on it?/1#.Dr.Manfred Munchen,2#.Lord Vetle, And more! Do your part! Kick some Criminal Ass with me! Wadda you say? Ooh?! By the way Dr.Manfred called you a powerless hero wanna be! Are you just gonna take that or are you gonna kick his Evil Fug-Ugly Ass?!
zanderbug4047 1 year ago
*Invites a huge swarm of his friends the Warrior Bugs from the Starship Troopers universe to have a party at Matsufubu's place when he's not around!! And they left the place a mess!!*
Go fucking damnit, NOT AGAIN!
zanderbug4047 1 year ago
*Left a message for him on his answering machine!* This is Raymond Dahl. Sorry for the huge mess we left you? You might want to through out your couch because one of my Warrior Bugs through up on it and accidently melted have of it with his vomit? If you get this message? Call this number? (1800-OM-1) and the Great Behemecoatyl /AKA The God Bug will take your call and foreword it to my Transport Bug Vai Telepathy? Thank you! * Please leave a message and I'll get back to you soon?*
Arkona Kothe 2 years ago
This is me, every time you comment
You make everything and everyone around you explode, and laugh maniacally?
Arkona Kothe 2 years ago
Yes, it's a gift I have.
I should make you use it more often... too many people around.
zanderbug4047 1 year ago
*Gets drunk as hell and crashes his Mobile Infantry TAK Fighter into Matsufubu's house when he's not home and survives the crash!! Comes crawling out of the crashed TAK Fighter and throughs up on Matsufubu's Welcome Mat! The only other thing to survive the crash!! And then passes out!!*
*gets home and finds you passed out in front of my burning home.* "Zanderbug you silly rabbit."
zanderbug4047 1 year ago
*Wakes up and says!* Dude that my copilot your talking to?! I'm underneath him?!! I'm the one you want to talk to here?!! Not Zander Bug?!! The names Raymond M.A. Dahl and I'm the pilot of this TAK Fighter?!! Would you do me a little favor ......GET ZANDER BUGS FAT ALIEN ARACHNID ASS OFF OF ME!!!!!!! And by the way? He's still out cold?!! *pulls out his cell phone and calls his Transport Bug to come pick him and Zander Bug up!* My Transport Bug will be here very soon to pick me up so please don't freak out when you see him coming okay?!!
Angel LeFey 2 years ago
Oh look, a human on a furry site, and a pious trolling human at that, I think it is time for some.... TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLING!!!!
I don't care about anything, because I just want to make you rage! Ha ha~

Trolling when the sun is light.
Till the fucking moon is bright.

Having a wonderful time!

Angel LeFey 2 years ago
By the power invested in me by the gods of Trolldom, I now pronounce you... Troll banned!!! you are now and forever forbidden from trolling ever again!!!!
*you use Troll ban*
*it's not very effective*
zanderbug4047 1 year ago
I'm Human! Have a problem with me too?! I hope you don't? Because I like you?!
Angel LeFey 1 year ago
Oh lord, you came late to this one, This was a a little joke me and this guard had. We even had a nice little Rp together.
zanderbug4047 1 year ago
What was the joke about?! I would love to know?! I love jokes!
Potato Otter 2 years ago
icetalon92 2 years ago
+20 for that
More like -200

icetalon92 2 years ago
Such an old reference like that can't be ignored or given negatives!
zanderbug4047 1 year ago
Yeah Sliimo!! That's his line!! Stop stealing his lines Rancore Poo-Doo!!!
zanderbug4047 1 year ago
They dun took your lines?!!!
Avenge me
zanderbug4047 1 year ago
Very well! *Helps him Arrest Potato Otter for Impersonating an Imperial Guard!*
zanderbug4047 1 year ago
*Puts a pear of energy binders on him and says!* Your under arrest Slime Ball for Impersonating an Imperial Guard!! Their gonna play hot potato with you in prison Sliimo!!!! So get used to it!!!
JayDoggCollie 2 years ago
Much thanks for tha comments ;)
My pleasure sir!
KateTheMarten 2 years ago
i fixed it, but i had to delete the old one. Check it out, tell me what you think!
kenyon 2 years ago
Renkin 3-ky? Magical? Pok?n
Neko_Kitana 2 years ago
Thanks for the comment! Maybe we should hook up.......... X3
My apologies my fair lass for the long reply. I never knew I had a shout box. Whoa you actually asked that? ;D