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About Stormy
Heya !

I'm Stormy! Just a nice French kitty, living ==> Here exactly :) <== So don't expect a perfect English x3
If you want to know more bout me don't hesitate to talk to me and stuff :3

Also RP.. Only if i know you very well and if you catch me in a RP mood, which is /very/ rare

Find me on :
FurAffinity // InkBunny // AskFM // Twitter (stormykitty92)

Watch me or add me there :3

FREE ARTS!! ==> Here


I'm just a commisionner, so stop sending me notes asking if i'm open for commission or telling me how good i am xDD

If you like a pic in my gallery, the artist will always appear in the description.

If you want to get a picture with my character, PM me! we can discuss about it, and if i like your char i can consider going halves with you on it :3

SORRY If i don't reply to comments, i do read them all and appreciate them, but it takes me too much time to think of what to answer in English and stuff so i rarely do so.
I'll reply to shouts tho x)

species Tiger
gender male from Lille, France
loves Feline, Lion King, M/M likes bound
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Latest Journal posted 06 Oct 2013

CLICK IT NAOW. Then click the green thumb bottom left of the video.
This is a contest my friend is doing to win a guitar =D If he wins i promise i'll organize a super raffle x3 I SWEAR!



TheTiger 3 years ago
Thanks for watching!
Stormy 3 years ago
*hugs* you're welcome !
Naonao 3 years ago
Oh, bonjour monsieur le tigre français :3
Stormy 3 years ago
Oh un ptit loup français =) salut !
Naonao 3 years ago
Hehe pas si petit que ça, à moins que tu ne sois un tigre gigantesque . :B
C'est plutôt rare que je croise un français dont je n'ai jamais entendu parler, encore plus sur un site que je fréquente occasionnellement ... :P
J'ai le droit de prendre ton msn? :3
Stormy 3 years ago
Pas si grand que ça en fait ^.^
Je suis assez timide alors pas facile à repérer :$
Et oui pas de soucis, tu peux prendre mon msn =)
jakefolf 3 years ago
thanks for the watch
Stormy 3 years ago
*hugs* you're welcome ! :3
kergiby 3 years ago
You look very good shirtless. I love you!
Stormy 3 years ago
Yea it's great to be a super sexy guy :P i love you too =)
Stormy 3 years ago
PoprockGrey 3 years ago
Duh.. and the watch! See, I am so new I have no idea about those markers at the top yet. xD
Stormy 3 years ago
=) no problem ! Really nice tails ^.^
And welcome on SF ! *hugs*
PoprockGrey 3 years ago
Thank you so much for the favorite!
I'm still really new to SF. ^^;;
Dizzydazy 3 years ago
Thankies for the fav and rating Storm ^^ *hugs you tightly*
Stormy 3 years ago
*purrs and hugs back* You're welcome ! Very nice stories ^.^
Lucas Kale 3 years ago
thanks for everything!
Stormy 3 years ago
No problem ! =)
OneHotWolfie 3 years ago
Thank you for the +watch! :)
Stormy 3 years ago
you're quite welcome :3
invisibleBear 3 years ago
Thanks for the watch ^_^
Stormy 3 years ago
You're welcome ! ^.^