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Hallo und danke das du mein Profil besuchst!
Ich bin ein Fuchs, stamme zwar ursprünglich aus Bayern, wohne aber derzeit im schönen Wien! Ich bin kein grosser Rollenspieler und sehe das Furry sein eher als eine Möglichkeit eine gewisse animalische Seite, die ich in mir sehe, auszuleben. Ich bin auf einem Bauernhof gross geworden und hatte dadurch schon immer eine starke Verbindung zu Tieren im allgemeinen. Besonders identifiziere ich mich stark mit dem Fuchs, sowohl dem Tier an sich als auch seiner Symbolik in Fabeln und Literatur. Ausserdem bin ich total vernarrt in jede Form von Kunst aus dem Furry Genre im allgemeinen - seien das Filme, Bücher oder Bilder und Geschichten der vielen talentierten Künstler aus dem Fandom. Ich versuche mich auch seit einiger Zeit selbst daran etwas kreativ tätig zu sein, und bin aktuell stark darauf eingetippt CG Animationen und Bilder mit Blender zu basteln - dem wohl coolsten gratis verfügbaren Stück Software das ich je gesehen habe. Ich bin immer sehr dankbar über konstruktive Kritik und freu mich über comments!
Ansonsten freue ich mich immer über nette Chats und lerne gern neue Fussels kennen! Wenn du also mehr wissen möchtest bin ich gern anchatbar per PM, Skype oder icq.
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Hello there and thanks for visiting my profile!
I am a fox, originate from a countryside farm near Munich, Germany, but right now I'm living in Vienna, Austria. I am not too much of a roleplayer, but rather see the whole Furry thing as a way to express an animalistic side I definitely see in myself. Since I grew up on a farm I always had a strong connection to animals in general and I do identify with the Fox a lot - the animal itself and it's symbolism in fable and literature as well. I'm also a huge fan of any kind of art falling into the Furry genera - be it movies, novels or the beautiful art and story's from the talented artists in the fandom. I even try to be a little creative myself and a while ago a totally fell for CG Animation with Blender - maybe the most awesome piece of software freely available I've ever seen. And I'm always real thankful for any honest criticism and comments!
Well, besides that im always happy to meet new people in the fandom and available for chats over Skype, icq or via PM if you want to know any more.
species Fox
gender male from Vienna, Austria
loves Anal, Bareback, Bukkake likes BDSM, Bondage, Cum
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Latest Journal posted 24 Apr 2014

I get asked this question a lot lately, and the short awnser is: Never fear, i have not stoped working at all! There is some new stuff comming up  ^^

So, what have i been working on that kept me from making new animations?

For once at a real cool AR project with Gonnir over at FA. Its one of those thingies where you point the camera of your smartphone at a printed code, see some thingie appear and can move the camera freely around it. Only with Furry Porn! Yay! :D     

Gonnir uploaded a first version of it here, if you are blessed with an android device:

For everyone with no Android device, Stormrider was so sweet to do a lil video, youll find it in the comments!

Well, Gonnir did the programming, Kyetwolf the model an textures, i only did the Animation. And its still a work in progress, so, yeah, keep that in mind ^^   - But i am still working on doing a few more animations for this and i am quite excited! This is really coo...

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playfullfox 5 months ago
i like your pic and animations
Kemonokun 5 months ago
Thanks a lot! Glad you like it so far :)
playfullfox 5 months ago
ZorroRE 5 months ago
Hey Thanks a lot for the Watch *^_^*
BobbyTigre 7 months ago
thanks for da watch!
Furlow 7 months ago
Tankies for the watchin :)
SMWolf 7 months ago
Thank you for the Watch!
icefoxx 2 years ago
Thanks for watching! ^^
Amenophis 2 years ago
Thanks for watching :) However maybe you want to watch Alpha0. He drew the awesome Deus Ex pic.
Tantorog 3 years ago
joa mein liabah! Wen hamma denn da?
Bad Bunny 3 years ago
You do awesome work! Not sure if it's possible but if you could upload in higher resolution that would be wonderful! ^_^
Kemonokun 3 years ago
Thanks a lot, im glad you like :) I`ll try to upload pictures in higher res in the future ^^