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Shizune Ryushi Age: 20 Height: 4' Weight: 95 lbs. Breast Size: 30D (lactates) Race: Japanese Fennec/Red Fox mix Element: Air Clan: Ryushi (3rd princess) Hair Color: Forest green Eye Color: Bright purple Fur Color: Warm Orange with white underbelly and black legs and paws and large white tip on tail Accent: Japanese Body Build: Short, and slender, softly built, and very light. Professional Clothing: A Kunoichi dress that swings off to the side, with a red waist ribbon. Knee high boots and black spandex shorts. Casual Clothing: A black sleeveless turtleneck top with a plaid skirt, a red belt wrapped around her waist. Color of Prof. Clothing: Blue and soft purple. Likes: RP, sweets, having a master (yay :3) acting cute before she's attacked, then using her acrobatic skills to escape. Dislikes: Not getting the sweets she wants. I'm a fun foxy who's whisper and talk friendly! Give me a holler or a howl if you wanna talk! I would love to talk to any and everyone! I also like it when people introduce themselves to me, when they whisper, as a rp. I like to stay in character, so everyone can see my cuteness! X3 P.S.: That doesn't mean I won't answer to a simple hello either :3 P.S.S: THIS IS IMPORTANT! Now, I sometimes get tied up with some things, weather it be other rps, or some real life things. THAT DOESN'T MEAN I WON'T RP OR I'M IGNORING YOU! Please know that this has become a pretty built up problem, and I need everyone to know that, and I'm sorry ahead of time. Master: None Photobucket This was drawn for me by Lily Otter. Thanks so much, Lily-chan! It's wonderful! Photobucket This is another commission for me. I had it inked, and now I colored it! :3

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species An extreme sub Feral or Anthro Fennec/Red fox mix. (check out my profile plz :3)(whisper friendly)
gender female from Leesburg, VA, USA
loves 3D, Abuse, Action likes Albino, Athletic, Avian tolerates Bathing, Bovine, Crustacean
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Latest Journal posted 16 Nov 2013

I am honestly having the worst part of my life right now...I don't understand. Is it me? Am I just the worst fox there is? Am I ugly? Too fat? Annoying? Because I try the hardest I can for people to get to know me. I want people who don't already love me to do so. I'm not trying to say that egotistically, but this fox is very lonely...And is genuinely scared of being alone for the rest of her foxy life... Now, don't get me wrong, I've heard everyone I know tell me the whole "Be paitent" schpeel, but I haven't even dated but 1 guy! I want to be a bit more promiscuous before settling down with someone, but no. No one will even give me that. I must be hideous...*sniff* or something. Because all I want is some love...A hug from a guy that's not just a half-hearted pat on the back. I hate those... No, I want an actual hug. One where I can feel you hold me to your chest. That's not hard to ask, right? Am I asking too much of males? Just for a little love? And I don't wanna put racism into this, but behind the fo...


Duo Theus 1 month ago
Thanks for the fave mate
Tiger37 6 months ago
Thanks for being a friend.
Tiger37 6 months ago
hi from a friendly Siberian tiger.
BobbyTigre 6 months ago
thanks for da watch!
scarletfurry223 7 months ago
Hello wanna rp?
PinkiHusky 1 year ago
awww blush thanks sure you cane draw mee if you want no problem
silvergooddragon 1 year ago
Love your art. Great looking character.
ShizuneRyushi 1 year ago
Thanks so much! :3 I do commissions, so spread the word! X3
hippymiester 1 year ago
your awsem :D
ShizuneRyushi 1 year ago
Thank you so much! You're sweet. :3
alex_the_roo 1 year ago
Im back did you miss me?
ShizuneRyushi 1 year ago
alex_the_roo 1 year ago
Yay now i feel extra special
Gray Muzzle 2 years ago
Thanks for watching!
ShizuneRyushi 1 year ago
You're quite welcome~ :3