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About JakeNWolger

I'm just a stoner wolger looking for some lovin' in this world. That too hard to ask? Anyway, the name's Jake :3 You may have known me as Jennine, but that's aight. I'm still the same person ;P

But yeah, I'm a wolger, don't ya know? Wolf Tiger hybrid, I'll show you something about cats and dogs~
Gray and white wolger with blue stripes on his arms. He's a bit of a muscle-Chub and enjoys the same~
Don't be afraid to talk if you want, I won't bite, promise! :3c

species Wolger (Whisper Friendly! :3)
gender male from United States of Amurrica :3
loves Anthro, Avian, Canine likes Alternative, BDSM, Babyfur tolerates Anal vore, Bovine, Chubby hates B-snakes, BBW, Catgirl
8 submissions 6,017 page views 72 comments received 36 comments posted 3,191 profile views
groups   All Male Gayness
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Latest Journal posted 22 May 2013

Soooo, you guys should totally go and like my facebook page :3

Because, you know, I'm all sarcastic and sassy and you guys love me <3

...Right? :3

....right? ;~;

Give the little slug a chance <3 

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Wounded Knee 8 months ago
Wounded Knee 8 months ago
Yeah, but why you hate creampie?
Wounded Knee 8 months ago
I'm just asking because I'm interested.
Wounded Knee 8 months ago
Hey, do you rp?
Lionhart 8 months ago
Hi! Since I stopped by here I'm gonna leave a shout! Let's talk some time and do stuffs...what ever stuffs is...

HI! :D
JakeNWolger 8 months ago
Hehe, heya there x3
If you wanna talk, just add me on YIM or Skype!

rawrgoesthesea.monkey for both~
Maxie 10 months ago
*Noms on*
JakeNWolger 10 months ago
Eeep o3o
Maxie 10 months ago
Its been forever since I have seen you*hugs*
Oloroso Rhone 1 year ago
I like your F-List. Forced incest and sloppy seconds would be at the top of mine if I had one. XD
JakeNWolger 1 year ago
Nnnph, forgot to add those!~
Haha thank you for reminding me, sir. :3
Oloroso Rhone 1 year ago
No -- they were there. That's why I liked your F-list! :D
JakeNWolger 1 year ago
Ohs! W-why thank you then ^w^
Although that was for my last character, Jake. I updated it for my newest and Current, Jennine :3
Oloroso Rhone 1 year ago
Thanks a ton for watching me! I hope I keep doing whatever I did to get your attention! ^_^
Maxie 1 year ago
*hugs an snuggles on*
scalia 2 years ago
You are nice :3