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Internet disaster: the motion picture


Obscurum 6 hours ago
Oh, great one! What have I done to warrant your disfavor? D:
VoodooGator 2 weeks ago
D'at avatar.
WarHorse573 2 weeks ago
Ohioans SUCK!
HellfireComics 1 month ago
Very fond of your work. Your like my all time favorite artist. :)
wolf12345 1 month ago
Whoa its interesting i found ya :D on this site
Caos_alter 1 month ago
hello. your art style is great and I'm your fan from your comics.
And I want to ask if there is a part 3 horse with no name?
WarHorse573 1 month ago
* poke, poke * You dead? I always figured you for a suicide. May I sell your organs for reimbursement?
Raraka 1 month ago
Hello! I joined SF just so I could watch you. <3
Carbontrap 1 month ago
You're one of my favorites ever