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About Katia Managan

I'mma Rabbit!

I am a bitch. DEALWITHIT.JPG

That said, I am not like Triskeh, or Ginger. I can actually hold a conversation, and be nice.

Also, I am a bit of a tomboy in attitude. I will rip the piss, I will say off-key things, I probably will beat the shit out of you in Resident Evil. All in good fun though. K? :D

Attitude? Imagine Kefka, now make him female, and a little more...Spontaneous. There y'have it.

Also, I own two cats. They get priority. Unless you are on the list at the bottom. Because I loves mah kittehs <3

Said list:

Koku-dragon: Because. Koku is an awesome dragon >.>

Cinead/Bunneh: Because... He's Cinead. And a perv. :D

Xianyu: Because <3

species Khajiit
gender female
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groups   Avian/Bird Lovers
  The Bunneh Warren
  Chocobo's unite

d3monstar 2 years ago
That pineapple looks delicious.
Johnnaman 2 years ago
Someone here I can finally relate with.
Fargy 2 years ago
mufuggin behbehs
Blitzkrieg the Dragon 2 years ago
At last, someone who is tough but civil at the same time. Awesome!
Ati 2 years ago
Hooray another croc! Welcome to the club!