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Find me more often on:

FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/firefeathers/

DA: http://firefeathers.deviantart.com/

Tumblr: http://alradeck.tumblr.com/

If you're interested, i'd say just to contact me there. Otherwise I'll stumble drunkly on back here every now and then to update.


I also am in the works on publishing a book, that you can find for free online here: http://caelum-sky.tumblr.com/


Thanks for looking!

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Latest Journal posted 12 May 2011

Someday i'll post a journal that has absolutely nothing to do with me wanting your precious moneys.  Unfortuneately, that's not today. But someday! 


Commissions are opening this sunday, Noon central time  on my FA Firefeathers page. There's gonna be 20 spots instead of 15, and a different ordering system, you can find all that info here: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/2334425/


Hope you are all well!


brianjasperfurry 3 months ago
Dude! sick artwork collections man! >.<
Dusty Hats 10 months ago
Love your pieces. It's like each one is a whole world painted in one frame. Each one has its own amazing story. Simply wonderful.
Bagelxp 11 months ago
Your artwork has an unbelievable amount of detail. The shading and colors are all so mesmerizing.
Crystallos 11 months ago
jaw dropping work
Scheknul 1 year ago
You have a very awesome gallery.
Faunoiphilia 1 year ago
le me....
>looks at new messages
>sees new version of site
>sees site codename "Firefeather"
>comes to your page
Treats 1 year ago
YAY it's firefeathers!! <3 <3
_lycheemonster 1 year ago
hot dang woman here you go. :>
Hunter_kanuk 1 year ago
Dang your good , no wonder ppl are after you for free artz.
FireFeathers 1 year ago
Iscin 1 year ago
Almost forgot I was following you. Great new illustrations.