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About KennetheArcanine
Hello guys, i'm kenneth.

I'm not really the kinda guy to write stories and so on, i'd rather like to compose music. Ofcourse i can try to write something but, most unfortunately not as with my music, it's hard to think of a good scenario. If you have any ideas, feel free to share them but don't have any expectations of some high sort.

And as you might have noticed, i'm not the type to upload a lot of stuff, i upload my garbage when i feel like it :3
Most of the time it's music but hey, that's more my thing. ;)

Also keep in mind, it takes a lot of work to compose and edit a song, so with that in mind, i hope you can understand why it takes me so long to upload it. And there's another thing that keeps me from doing it. My shyness. I don't know what to expect from everybody. If you like my songs, tell me and i will upload more.

BTW If you want to have a theme for your character or if you just want a song to be made for you, just ask. I'd be happy to do it. I will do it for free because i'm already satisfied when you like it. I hope that you love the song just as much as i loved to create it.

Canine out.


Song1: Skyscape, 100% done.

Song2: For The Nightsky 100% done.

Commission: (a theme for Josefino), no official title yet, 15%.
Commission: A Theme For Riley, has yet to be started.
species Arcanine
gender male
loves Ambient, Anthro, Easy Listening likes Arctic Wolf, Canine, Experimental tolerates Alien, Bisexual, M/M/F
2 submissions 1,996 page views 25 comments received 84 comments posted 2,469 profile views
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Sal the Buizel 2 years ago
Heya! I love your music, and retarded me forgot to add a watch onto your list... Well there's one now~ :3
also, I was curious if you could possibly make a theme for me?
Skye Meteors 2 years ago
Dropping a friendly message~
Just wondering if you're still here.
Metal Renamon 2 years ago
Thanks for da watch! XD
MCRP 2 years ago
Why am I always the 666th viewer? O_O
Skye Meteors 2 years ago
Oh my...
Joey the Umbreon 2 years ago
Thanks for everything :> and I like your music~ .I see your a shy type but no worrys, uploading your music wont hurt since its great! Im interested in having a theme for my Dark Umbreon
KennetheArcanine 2 years ago
Thanks a lot man! And, sure no problem! I will get to it as soon as possible.
MCRP 2 years ago
I forgot to leave a shout saying:

Thanks for the watch :)

And you shouldn't be shy in submitting your music... It's really good... Great actually.
MasterG 3 years ago
thx for the watch!! :D