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Hi there's not much needed to know about me I'm just a fox/husky hybrid with the blue and white husky fur color and fox fur patterns, I'm excessively tall and has lean semi-muscular build. I love it here on SoFurry were I can express my creativity through writing and sad attempts at drawing haha. species Fox/Husky hybrid
gender male from Alabama :p, USA
loves Anthro, Arctic Fox, Character Development likes Emo, Hybrid, Tiger tolerates New Country hates Cheating, Death, Sad
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Latest Journal posted 30 Aug 2012

Hey guys! It's Kody :D I'm dropping in to say i'm taking a writing class in college and maybe I can make a comeback with even better stories.. maybe :p but im also taking an art class next semester soo lets hope I can start posting stuff today. Anyways for further updates or just to see what crazy things are going on follow me on twitter avatar?user=125144&character=0&clevel=0 kody180

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pyro22487 1 year ago
Your back? So any new stories or chapters to your old story?
Valanx 1 year ago
Thanks for the watch! :3
Oloroso Rhone 1 year ago
Thank you very much for watching me! I hope I keep right on doing whatever got your attention.
Choosen wisely 1 year ago
Thanks for the watch and fave :D
khamul 1 year ago
thank you for the watch!
Ty Wolf 1 year ago
Hey! I demand more of the story!
HolidayPup 1 year ago
-wags- thanks for the watch
Lord Rose Thorn 2 years ago
Ooh I like you already. I think you and I will be good friends once we get to know each other better. I know my username is Lord Rose Thorn but call me Sebastian if you don't mind. Give me a shout if you want to talk. ;)
Laruf 2 years ago
Thanks a bunch for the watch! :D
kody180 2 years ago
It was my pleasure :3
Naki_husky 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch. =3
kody180 2 years ago
Loved your work :3