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Sephra 1 week ago
Lovely work Tsaiwolf; your name is fun to say too! Have a lovely day and a watch buddy xxx
Chase Spottedfur 1 month ago
Your art is amazing. Just amazing.
Could you do one with a cheetah. Please.
KateTheMarten 1 month ago
Is there a link or journal anywhere to your prices/TOC?
KateTheMarten 1 month ago
Nevermind, found it on your FA page. :)
Caleb Fox 1 month ago
Knowing how popular you are, I would greatly appreciate if you would help spread the word:
Prodigal Son 3 months ago
Are you gay, bi, or straight? I'm curious to know.
Io 3 months ago
May you & yours have a Merry Christmas & the best wishes of this coming New Year!
LeoSilverWolf 4 months ago
Love your artwork, Tsaiwolf! :)
Chained_Lupine 5 months ago
Great style, love your art! :3
Ciel Kliendell 7 months ago
grr how do you get your art to look so d*mn amazing?! I end up falling in love with whatever you create!
Spirit The Shadow Wolf 5 months ago
Aspeel_RaraAvis 8 months ago
Nice style! )