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Latest Journal posted 06 Apr 2012

Hey guys,

Since orders for School Daze have essentially stopped (digital ones, at least), I've decided to release the high res pack on FA, for free. Though print copies are largely still available at cons or via Furplanet here:

Originally, it was a thank-you for people who donated, just files at their original size and a very short FAQ and some notes. I actually went back and read them and they sound super-silly now, but it feels wonderful to have taken on a more arduous and longer project. You live and learn, right?

Still, having since shifted my focus to Deep Dark (and having learned very much along the way), I just felt like people might still appreciate this pack (that, and not having to download all the pages one by one). So please help yourself! Feel free to comment, if you like, but keep in mind it is a little bit older and definitely a finished project.

Hey peeps,

The very high traffic on the Dropbox nulled public lin...

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Snapfang 1 month ago
Great art!
Naraki Kennedy 2 months ago
Holy crap, Red! I didn't know you were on here! :D
I've always loves your comics. ^o^
Io 3 months ago
May you & yours have a Merry Christmas & the best wishes of this coming New Year! XP
bob 4 months ago
so are you gonna make more soon...i miss your comics
kareck 5 months ago
Hey I meet you at attlanta city furr con. Bets moment of my life. I love your art and your storys
Tiger37 9 months ago
Love your art work!!! from Spirit Claw.
Rakuen Growlithe 10 months ago
Why no new art here? :(
teachmehowtodebkeh 10 months ago
are you still alive?
JAYZ8 10 months ago
Go to and search Redrusker he has a new comic out
Toumal 10 months ago
Heey! Miss ya ^^
Humphreyfurry 11 months ago
you comic is great
and i want another more