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Hey, I'm Mind-Wane. The name has no meaning in particular. I'm a very, VERY lazy artist. So don't expect to see much around here. I can sketch like a mother, but that's about it. If you want to talk to me or something, you can hit me up on msn or whatever. You have to ask me first though. species Homo
gender male
loves 8-bit, Anatomically Correct, Angry Beavers likes Anime, Anthro, Badge tolerates Kingdom Hearts, Milk, Sonic The Hedgehog hates Halo, Legend Of Spyro, Master Chief
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Latest Artwork

MindWane 2 years ago
Wow I have almost a thousand views, and I haven't used this thing in months.
call_me_doc 3 years ago
thank ye kindly~ You should post more works. Your lineart has potential *^* <3
Malcolm 3 years ago
MindWane 3 years ago