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About WingedcubCJ
My name is CJ, i have two forms my cub form: 3 feet roughly standing on my hind legs with greyish black fur and black wings. i also have a mysterious red mohawk jutting out at the top of my head.
My Demon Form: about 6 foot, 4 inches with the same color fur and wings. I have a katana that grows from the skin on my back (or anywhere else) and attaches itself magically like a leech, this katana is special because its essence is embedded deep within my body and does whatever my mind tells it to do.
Vic: This is a totally different character, im playing as Artis Frost's cub and im about the same height as my cub form only light blue fur with light blue eyes and a light blue tongue. i have white furred paws and chest though.
species Grey text = CJ, winged demon wolf cub, Maroon text = Demon form----Light Blue text= Vic, playful husky pup (Artis Frost's son)(Whisper Friendly :D)(also loves to be picked up and cuddled :3
gender male
loves Babyfur, Cuddling, Photo Manipulation likes Bass, Discipline, Eclectic tolerates Autofellatio, Punk hates Cock Growth, Muscle Growth, Weight Gain
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KlonoaPrower 2 years ago
Thankies for the watch! *lickies*
Harumi 2 years ago
Thx Fur Watch!
FluffyPony 3 years ago
gives buttpoke*
WingedcubCJ 3 years ago
*meeps and turns around giving you a lick across your face*
WingedcubCJ 3 years ago
id <3 to see more latex and pokemon ^^
thelastgasp 3 years ago
thanks for watching, anything in particular you'd like to see more of?
WingedcubCJ 3 years ago
that was for you "id <3 to see more latex and pokemon ^^"
Artamis MoonStriker 3 years ago
Takes shout box virginity