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I am Gilias Aphemaros Azzeroc.  In my past life (so to speak) I was a part of the Dread Knights, a being that is very much akin to that of a Grim Reaper, but that is in the past. Currently, I am the adopted prince of Asatror. Atleast, that's who my fursona is.

Some actually useful information about him is that he is an anthro gryphon with mainly abyssmal ebony fur and feathers. He has streaks, for lack of a better word, of crimson originating from the center of his back and moving to wrap around his arms legs and chest.
He has feathers at the end of his feline tail which are a dark red along with his eyes, talons, claws, footpads, and beak.

He's rather friendly to most especially to those he holds his loyalties to (friends, family, mate, etc.) and always defends those who cannot do so for themselves.

When he fights he uses mainly his sword and talon blade, which is a long, red blade on his left arm that is attached like a gauntlet , and usually will throw some magic in just for fun.

species Gryphon
gender male
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Lost Soul 3 months ago
Thanks for watching :)
Gilias Azzeroc 3 months ago
Well you just gotta love that smut. (Especially when it's so well written.)
Amethyst Mare 3 months ago
Thanks for watching and I hope you will enjoy the upcoming stories!
Balasar 4 months ago
derp bird watched me! hurray! :D Enjoy dat smuts!
Fsmaverick 4 months ago
Thankies for the watch love ^_-
Gilias Azzeroc 4 months ago
Well some of your femdoms caught my eye and I just couldn't resist. Hoping to see more.
CanadianDragon 10 months ago
Thank you for the watch! Hope you enjoy the yiffy goodness!
Gilias Azzeroc 10 months ago
Oh don't worry. I will.
speedingz 11 months ago
Thanks for the vote, much appreciated!
CodyDreamPuppy 11 months ago
Thank you so very very much for the watch!
Gilias Azzeroc 11 months ago
You're very, very welcome.
KateTheMarten 1 year ago
Thanks for the watch! :D
Gilias Azzeroc 1 year ago
Oh I've always been watching. O.O *is creepy*
Kino Jaggernov 1 year ago
Thanks for watchin' my crap... I'll try to stop sucking eventually XD
Gilias Azzeroc 1 year ago
I don't think that's quite the correct interpretation of the word "modesty."
Otsoko 1 year ago
Hope you're feeling better!
Gilias Azzeroc 1 year ago
I think I'm going to pull through.