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Shi was literally a singular creature in hir existence, nothing else like hir was out there, alive at least... Shi topped at 9 foot, 4 inches tall and 650 lbs, hir well toned layer of dense muscle and thick hide was overlaid with a pelt of fur-like down that was quite literally resistant to energy weapons. Hir left arm was fully replace with an intricately crafted clockwork armature cased with molded and burnished steel and bronze, along with that, four ribs and the clavicle on the left side had been with replaced with surgical stainless steel and even hir heart was a replacement, driven by bioelectrical 'waste' energy, the whole cause of the mass replacement was the explosion of a boiler on an airship shi was doing repair work on a long while back. On hir remaining paw, hir silvery claws were neatly resting in their sheaths and hir pawpads were worn smooth like leather by years of artificing. Shi speaks in a dark voice like a sheet of velvet, tinged with a sharp feral edge that tells of hir truly untame nature. Hir broad muzzle was edged on the inside with massive serrated teeth made to rend flesh and bone and inside rested two long thick sinuous tongues, one dark purple and the other a light blue. Shi always has a musky aroma to hir, just a heady, earthy, sensual smell that was part of hir skin-oil but was mainly focused on hir more masculine parts. Around hir neck was a heavy leather collar boasting polished bronze riveting and an engraved steel nameplate bearing hir Mistress's name upon it. species archeovulpes arcanum
gender hermaphrodite
loves Ambient, Asian, Breast Sex likes Akita, Anatomically Correct, Anthro
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Latest Journal posted 08 Nov 2011

i'm back, reluctantly

and my mood about it is far from kosher

i likely wont post anything unless i want to

Twillight 2 years ago
Herms forever!! Greetings from the Furocity Twillight.^^
BlackwingDragon 2 years ago
Heh heh heh.
pokemorphknight 2 years ago
love your storys update when you feal lick it ill be watching^_^
Saran 3 years ago
Thank you so much for the watch, glad to know I can catch the eyes of such a lovely and 'blessed' kitsune
feral-kitsune 3 years ago
hehe *hugs*
Karisma 3 years ago
hi sweetheart
Karisma 3 years ago
hi sweetheart
Lir 3 years ago
Welcome to SoFurry! Hope you enjoy your stay.
Mikey Wolf 3 years ago
thanks for the watch