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About Homo Habilis

I am a caveman; as such, I exhibit both human and furry tendencies.

I am a writer, collector, and an Internet vagabond. I'm a sports junkie in my early thirties looking for a hobby. I come from a family of artists, but I can't draw to save my life, so I write instead.
If you like my first story, let me know and I'll make another one.
If you like my subsequent stories, let me know, and I'll just keep them coming.
All responses, even story responses containing one of my characters, are welcome.

species Me.
gender male
loves Humor, Romance, female ejaculation likes Doggystyle, Fantasy, Muscle tolerates Hermaphrodite, Macro, Messy hates Rule 34, Torture
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Leopard Man 1 year ago
What's up
Homo Habilis 1 year ago
What's up?!
jackybo 1 year ago
you are great ;)
Hudson5188 1 year ago
Thank you for being such a good writer :D