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Hey, I'm Blahman919, Steve, or John, which ever you would like to call me. I'm laid back, more so than most. I'm very open minded, tell me anything I won't judge you and if you don't want I won't tell a soul. I love to cuddle, and unless I have a mate I'll cuddle with just about anyone. I'm playful all the time, and I love to be : p. I play games all the time, when I'm not writing or doing whatever it is I do. I write a lot, but most of my stories don't get finished so thus I never post them up here. Got any requests for a story just ask. If you ever wanna chat just PM me, I always love to talk. Nice talkin with ya, The one The only Blahman919.
Music: Disturbed, Avantasia, Lifehouse
Movies: All Adam Sandler movies, Alpha and Omega, Jurassic Park(All of em), almost any comedy or horror, and any movie with zombies
Games: Halo(All), EVE Online, Minecraft(Wanna play any of them wifht me just PM ^^)
Books: All the Halo books(Yes there are books), Jurassic Park, Stephen King(Funny, I was named after him)
More to come later.(Maybe : p)
Mate: None

species Dragon/Alien
gender male
loves Anatomically Correct, Cabin, Cunt Boy likes Alien, Amphibian, Bathroom tolerates Lust, Ocean, fish hates Mario Series, New Country, Western Swing
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Latest Journal posted 06 Aug 2012

im thinking about starting up a si fi story series that fallows a group of pirates fighting against a large empire, and i wanna try and use other peoples fursona's for it, my own is going to be the captain of the ship, and i have one of the head of the borading and ship security forces. but if anyone wanna has their fursona in it, send me a message, roles such as the cook, engineer chief, securty troops, and fighter pilots, gunenrs, weaponsmiths, are open, just put your fursona's details, personlity, and role in the message ^^ hopes me can get a few people


Martoknight 2 months ago
IndiWolf 8 months ago
Thanks for the watch hon *hugs*
bryanism8 11 months ago
Where do you live?
salmy 1 year ago
Thankies for the fave and the stars! ^^
Amethyst Mare 1 year ago
Thank you for faving and voting! (There is also another part to that story, linked in description.) ^^
KodaO 1 year ago
^_^ hellu
blahman919 1 year ago
herro there mister Koda
KodaO 8 months ago
11 months late, forgot about SF, you should still finish that story. was really good ><
Duo Theus 1 year ago
~slaps the males butt~ Everyone gets at least one, and thanks for the fave mate
blahman919 1 year ago
*giggles* jus one? ; p, hehe and no problem ^^
Duo Theus 1 year ago
~shrugs and slaps the males butt again with his tail~ there ya go mate
blahman919 1 year ago
*giggles again* why thank you xp ^^
Duo Theus 1 year ago
No worries mate
DannyBlack 2 years ago
blahman919 2 years ago
yay ^^
HuskieWolf SouthPaw 2 years ago
thanks for vote and fav :P
Htedomsa 2 years ago
Sup my dragon pal!