About ReptileCynrik

Date of birth: December 10, 1979
Nationality: German
Art Style: Traditional and digital artist, music composer
Profession: School teacher
Mateship Status: Single, but not alone!

Here are a few important things people should know about me:

1) I'm not doing COMMISSIONS or REQUESTS! I just don't like doing art for money and barely do requests. Sorry.

2) I'm open for ART TRADES when I feel like it. You should be informed that "quality" is not an important factor to me. Mostly, the thought and fun itself counts! But I'm not doing TRADES with just everyone... I want to know the person first. And I do art trades only on very rare and special occasions. IF I agree to an art trade with you, I insist that you do your part FIRST! I've made lots of bad experiences about this. Most people waited until I did my part (and I'm very fast and reliable!)... and then they didn't do their part. That's why you'd have to do your part first. Furthermore, I don't make "slots" so to speak of and choose the trade partners myself. And I talk to the people first! Sorry, folks.

3) I work with traditional and digital media. Traditional media are pencils, inks, markers and acrylics. Digital media is my MEDION tablet and PHOTOSHOP 7.0.1

4) I won't submit 'adult art' (porn) to this account!!!

5) I am human and 'Reptile' is my comic hero! Though we share some character trades, I am NOT 'Reptile'.

6) I'm not doing 'personal memes' or 'You-got-tagged-stuff'. But you are always free to write me a note or e-mail, if you'd like to know anything about me! I don't bite... well, I do... but not much! BUT I will not reply to these "Hello" or "What's up?" notes anymore. If you want to share a greeting, some thoughts or questions, you're free to do so... but I hate these "one-liners"!

Aside from drawing, I also compose music! Check out my gallery for a selection of my most favorite compositions! 

And feel always free to message or note me, if you want to ask something!

gender male from Winterberg, NRW, Germany
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Badboylol 1 month ago
Hi man. What's up?
YukitheHusky 3 months ago
You're a school teacher?! That's so awesome!
ReptileCynrik 3 months ago
Well, I am... ^_^
And I do my best.
YukitheHusky 3 months ago
You do a very good thing
Varanis Ridari 3 months ago
I found U ^.-.^
Io 3 months ago
I hope that you hade a Awesome Xmas & all the best in the coming New Year 2014!
ReptileCynrik 3 months ago
Hello and thanks for the shout! ^_^

Yessss... Christmas has been sweet and we're preparing for the new year party right now.
All the best to you, as well!
Lizeron 4 months ago
*hugglehugs* Hai mr Reppy!!
ReptileCynrik 4 months ago
Hey, hey! :3 *hugs cuddles*
^_________^ Finally.
Take care and be well.
Lizeron 4 months ago
Daaamn! You so lucky!! I am working 12 hours every day regardless TnT!! *murrs* But still, have awesome times and be well :3!!
Dirac 4 months ago
I've loved your art for such a long time! Thought I'd finally say thank you for all the work you do. :D
ReptileCynrik 4 months ago
After a really hard day and unpleasant work, this shout really made my day.
^___^ Thanks very much.
Verok 4 months ago
Happy Birthday! (=
ReptileCynrik 4 months ago
Thanks a lot for the wishes! :3
Lord_Ike 11 months ago
From the sheer number of watchers you have it is obvious that you are a great composer. And listening to your work proves it. Keep up the good work.
ReptileCynrik 11 months ago
Thanks very, VERY much for the comment and the +watch! ^^
I'm glad you like my art/music and I'll continue, of course. :)
XenorosthXMD 1 year ago
Oh! Hey, I forgot to ask something. Ever consider a collab on a musical piece? Was wondering what we could come up with together.
ReptileCynrik 1 year ago
Maybe in time! ^^"
Don't have the muse and the time for this right now... and I got other projects running, too.
We shall see. ;-)
A "song collab" would be something new, indeed...
XenorosthXMD 1 year ago
Indeed. Who knows? Maybe we can do a story/picture collab one day.
Marcius 1 year ago
Wait I watched you. *face palm* Oh well I'm relearning Sofurry's new UI
ReptileCynrik 1 year ago
Don't worry. ^___^