About ReptileCynrik

Date of birth: December 10, 1979
Nationality: German
Art Style: Traditional and digital artist, music composer
Profession: School teacher
Mateship Status: Single, but not alone!

Here are a few important things people should know about me:

1) I'm not doing COMMISSIONS or REQUESTS! I just don't like doing art for money and barely do requests. Sorry.

2) I'm open for ART TRADES when I feel like it. You should be informed that "quality" is not an important factor to me. Mostly, the thought and fun itself counts! But I'm not doing TRADES with just everyone... I want to know the person first. And I do art trades only on very rare and special occasions. IF I agree to an art trade with you, I insist that you do your part FIRST! I've made lots of bad experiences about this. Most people waited until I did my part (and I'm very fast and reliable!)... and then they didn't do their part. That's why you'd have to do your part first. Furthermore, I don't make "slots" so to speak of and choose the trade partners myself. And I talk to the people first! Sorry, folks.

3) I work with traditional and digital media. Traditional media are pencils, inks, markers and acrylics. Digital media is my MEDION tablet and PHOTOSHOP 7.0.1

4) I won't submit 'adult art' (porn) to this account!!!

5) I am human and 'Reptile' is my comic hero! Though we share some character trades, I am NOT 'Reptile'.

6) I'm not doing 'personal memes' or 'You-got-tagged-stuff'. But you are always free to write me a note or e-mail, if you'd like to know anything about me! I don't bite... well, I do... but not much! BUT I will not reply to these "Hello" or "What's up?" notes anymore. If you want to share a greeting, some thoughts or questions, you're free to do so... but I hate these "one-liners"!

Aside from drawing, I also compose music! Check out my gallery for a selection of my most favorite compositions! 

And feel always free to message or note me, if you want to ask something!

gender male from Winterberg, NRW, Germany
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Ma An Tiao 2 years ago
WOW! ur banner reminds me of BUSOU RENKIN
ReptileCynrik 2 years ago
Aye, you think so?? I just had to google it, hehe... never heard of this before. ^^"
Hrm... okay, you're referring to sunset clouds and battle posing guys... hehehe. Ok, well... there is some resemblance. But that was not what I had in mind. :)
Thanks for the shout!
DJGoo 2 years ago
Thinking and Drinking?!
ReptileCynrik 2 years ago
You are most certainly referring to these --->


DJGoo 2 years ago
Yes! I most 100% certainly am! It is rare that a picture or comic should cause my laughter but you sir accomplish it well!
Tantorog 3 years ago
I wonder why our looks are somewhat alike.,..>_>
Bear-Paws 3 years ago
World in Ruin images are beautiful, and I am AOK with turn-based. I'd be definitely interested in some beta testing of English translated version when they have it ready. I am good at finding grammar and spelling errors, and have beta tested WoW, Star Wars Galaxies, etc., etc.
ReptileCynrik 3 years ago
Thank you! :) I'm glad you like the artworks.
Sadly, the game has come to a "hold"... we shall see if it's going to be finished in time.
Anyway, the ARTWORKS stay! ^__^
ReptileCynrik 3 years ago

Peace and love for everyone. *huuuugs*
BlackwingDragon 3 years ago
Ah, there you are =3. hiiiii.
ReptileCynrik 3 years ago
Oh, hello! :D Yeah, it's me: Patrick aka ReptileCynrik! ^^ Didn't see your shout here...... :P
BlackwingDragon 3 years ago
Well NOW y ou saw it *grins and rubs your butt* how are ya ?;-D
ReptileCynrik 3 years ago
I'm fine, thanks for asking! ^^ Just very busy, ya know... planning a lot of things for the LAST MONTH before summer holidays.
Way to go!!!!! ^^
BlackwingDragon 3 years ago
Awwwrrr I see. No chance you can stalk me on AIM or MSN ?=3 *hugs a reppy*
ReptileCynrik 3 years ago
No chance, sorry.
I'm just very low on time due to my job.
BlackwingDragon 3 years ago
Oh well, atleast you have good income right?hehe.
Skal-Tel 4 years ago
I found you! hello my scaled friend! ^.=.^
ReptileCynrik 4 years ago
Hehe... I have ALWAYS been here, buddy! ^^
Hello, too.
dracenmarx 4 years ago
Yay! Sunny's grüner Bruder ist in den Urlaub geschickt worden! Es ist wunderschön, Sunny und Reptile Seite an Seite zu sehen! <3
Mh... schöner warmer Pelzmantel :-p
ReptileCynrik 4 years ago
^^ Yapp, jetzt passt alles ganz prima. :)
GM 136 4 years ago
That new banner I find is funny as hell, at least for us scalies. I'm tempted to show it to a friend but he's a skunk and I don't think he'd like it much. He'd probably think I would be getting an idea with him.
ReptileCynrik 4 years ago
Hehehe... thanks very much! But he should take it with humour, anyway. :D
GM 136 4 years ago
I've had a fun time telling friends, furries/scalies or not to check the banner. The scalies and non-furries find it funny. The furries, well. . . they find it funny but somewhat in a cruel way. Hell, even my own mom found it funny.
ReptileCynrik 4 years ago
icon_biggrin.gif Well, I've been known for my "dark/black humour"!! ^^ After all, it's just FUN! And... since I'm a scalie, the furries have to "suffer". *joke*
dracenmarx 4 years ago
Ui, neues Avatar? Sieht irgendwie gar nicht nach Reptile aus.