About ReptileCynrik

Date of birth: December 10, 1979
Nationality: German
Art Style: Traditional and digital artist, music composer
Profession: School teacher
Mateship Status: Single, but not alone!

Here are a few important things people should know about me:

1) I'm not doing COMMISSIONS or REQUESTS! I just don't like doing art for money and barely do requests. Sorry.

2) I'm open for ART TRADES when I feel like it. You should be informed that "quality" is not an important factor to me. Mostly, the thought and fun itself counts! But I'm not doing TRADES with just everyone... I want to know the person first. And I do art trades only on very rare and special occasions. IF I agree to an art trade with you, I insist that you do your part FIRST! I've made lots of bad experiences about this. Most people waited until I did my part (and I'm very fast and reliable!)... and then they didn't do their part. That's why you'd have to do your part first. Furthermore, I don't make "slots" so to speak of and choose the trade partners myself. And I talk to the people first! Sorry, folks.

3) I work with traditional and digital media. Traditional media are pencils, inks, markers and acrylics. Digital media is my MEDION tablet and PHOTOSHOP 7.0.1

4) I won't submit 'adult art' (porn) to this account!!!

5) I am human and 'Reptile' is my comic hero! Though we share some character trades, I am NOT 'Reptile'.

6) I'm not doing 'personal memes' or 'You-got-tagged-stuff'. But you are always free to write me a note or e-mail, if you'd like to know anything about me! I don't bite... well, I do... but not much! BUT I will not reply to these "Hello" or "What's up?" notes anymore. If you want to share a greeting, some thoughts or questions, you're free to do so... but I hate these "one-liners"!

Aside from drawing, I also compose music! Check out my gallery for a selection of my most favorite compositions! 

And feel always free to message or note me, if you want to ask something!

gender male from Winterberg, NRW, Germany
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Lizeron 4 years ago
I love the banners :] They are so funny ^^ and i am so glad they are non yiff :P I can log into the site even from net rooms :]
Where can i find that fox Reppy's wearing? :3
ReptileCynrik 4 years ago
Hehehe... the fox? That's just one ordinary fox. Like Robin Hood, har har.
fluffycroc 4 years ago
So you are the big cheese around here ;)
ReptileCynrik 4 years ago
Hrrrrr... mrau! XD I used to be, when I had my adult material here. But I'm sure and I hope, that people also stay with me and my clean works. ^^
fluffycroc 4 years ago
why did you remove them?
ReptileCynrik 4 years ago
Private reasons. AND I want to keep my "ReptileCynrik" accounts clean. ^^
Blitzkrieg the Dragon 4 years ago
They can still be viewed on that FFF account, right?
Fury1031 4 years ago
hiya Reppy
Lizeron 4 years ago
Hello Mr. Reppy!!! Happy new year ^^ !!!! *brings out some whine*
reptilian_master 4 years ago
hello i am new here and i read stories about you having adult art, i really like your art, would you please consider sending me the art....

a big fan :)
ReptileCynrik 4 years ago
Hello and thanks for your nice comment on my art. :)
Sorry, but I don't distribute my adult art anymore due to private reasons.
I'd like to have strict control over this. I don't stop drawing adult art, either... but I keep it private.

I hope, you understand.
Best wishes for the new year - RC
Eneasdarklord 4 years ago
I congratulate you for all your art. good work!
ReptileCynrik 4 years ago
And I thank you very much!!! :) Glad, you like it. *hugs*
Take care and be well - RC
steb 4 years ago
i can't help but laugh. you stopped doing yiff but the page banner has your name on it and a large reptilian member. maybe you could try and get it taken off?
ReptileCynrik 4 years ago
Maybe, I will. But that male genital can also be found at my official website in the "anatomy guide" and it's a valid image of a male genital. :P Since there is nothing else, I don't consider this offensive.
BUT yeah... maybe I'll even take this down. ^..^
Though... I just made this banner as a "gift" to YIFFSTAR... why take it back now??!! :D
alpha shadow wolf 4 years ago
wow nice art work i rember when you made yiff good art work good, art work
ReptileCynrik 4 years ago
Sometimes, I still do adult art. Yepp! But I don't officially distribute it here anymore. Thanks very much for the comment, I'm happy you like ALL my work! :)
cromoshom 4 years ago
There's something I don't understand...

You say that you stopped to do adult art (and deleted all of the existings) because you were afraid that one of your students could discover them.

I understand this (damn it, just one year late T.T), but still, on your personal gallery (the universium, which, I think, is the place where most of your sudents will go to find some of your arts), there's a Star Trak section that is clearly labeled as containing nudity.

If you can keep such arts on you gallery, why couldn't you keep the yiff on yiff-star?
ReptileCynrik 4 years ago
In my definition, "YIFF=PORN" (meaning the actual act of sex), which I have NOT drawn in my comics. Such acts can't be found at my homepage, either. You just find "erotica" there, for example some naked women posing. But that's it!
And it is not "R" rated in any way. In Germany, such pictures can be watched by people at the age of 16!! They don't have to be adults to watch naked bodies.
I just don't post real "PORN" anymore. But "erotica" (in limits) is nothing bad.
cromoshom 4 years ago
Thanks for your quick awnser!

I think that your nuance between nude and straight pornography is perfectly sensed (I'm thinking of my brother, who use an actual nude painting as a wallpaper). That's probably why we also don't consider many artists as perverts.

However, that decision of deleting your existing artworks is leave an empty place on YS. I especially think to "The 3 pictures you love the most", which all leads to broken links.

The only vestiges of that era are the three banners (probably cropped versions of your drawings) that sometimes appears on the top of the site, leaving us wondering if there's not two different persons under the name of ReptileCynrik.

And where are those pictures now?
"All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain."
ReptileCynrik 4 years ago
There are no "2 different persons" of me... just ME! :) And I just don't want my adult art to be the only thing people remember about me. It is a nice section of art, yeah... but only a fraction of my whole "empire".
And the stuff is not lost, anyway. I just don't distribute it under my current name anymore.
ReptileCynrik 4 years ago
So, thanks for your interest and your opinion. But the stuff on my homepage is free from any concerns considering the rights and issues in my country. ^..^
As long as I don't draw the sexual act...... yepp. Posing and naked bodies are okay.
And I know, the "STAR TREK" comic is surely not "PG-12" anymore... but "PG-16"! :D
CodyTheGayWolf 4 years ago
hey im laerning german and what does
pissen auf dich mean? i think its piss somethin but i wanna know
ReptileCynrik 4 years ago
I have neither the interest nor the desire to discuss rude words or expression from different languages with you! I believe in the clean and normal german language and despise any kind of rude phrases.

And... the short rude german phrase you wrote means "I piss on you!" in english.
Not very nice... :(
CodyTheGayWolf 4 years ago
oh sorry i didnt know i was playin ps3 and someone kept sayin that over and over again and i was all like WTF DO THAT MEAN and he was like PISSEN AUF DICH and i was like whatevar
ReptileCynrik 4 years ago
In that case, you are forgiven! :D
Well, yeah....... I know what you mean. That guy was surely NOT very nice to you! >..< He was really rude, I can tell.
But you do best to ignore that shit! ^..^
CodyTheGayWolf 4 years ago
thanks 4 forgiving me lol hes on my block list now so no more of that shiznit