About ReptileCynrik

Date of birth: December 10, 1979
Nationality: German
Art Style: Traditional and digital artist, music composer
Profession: School teacher
Mateship Status: Single, but not alone!

Here are a few important things people should know about me:

1) I'm not doing COMMISSIONS or REQUESTS! I just don't like doing art for money and barely do requests. Sorry.

2) I'm open for ART TRADES when I feel like it. You should be informed that "quality" is not an important factor to me. Mostly, the thought and fun itself counts! But I'm not doing TRADES with just everyone... I want to know the person first. And I do art trades only on very rare and special occasions. IF I agree to an art trade with you, I insist that you do your part FIRST! I've made lots of bad experiences about this. Most people waited until I did my part (and I'm very fast and reliable!)... and then they didn't do their part. That's why you'd have to do your part first. Furthermore, I don't make "slots" so to speak of and choose the trade partners myself. And I talk to the people first! Sorry, folks.

3) I work with traditional and digital media. Traditional media are pencils, inks, markers and acrylics. Digital media is my MEDION tablet and PHOTOSHOP 7.0.1

4) I won't submit 'adult art' (porn) to this account!!!

5) I am human and 'Reptile' is my comic hero! Though we share some character trades, I am NOT 'Reptile'.

6) I'm not doing 'personal memes' or 'You-got-tagged-stuff'. But you are always free to write me a note or e-mail, if you'd like to know anything about me! I don't bite... well, I do... but not much! BUT I will not reply to these "Hello" or "What's up?" notes anymore. If you want to share a greeting, some thoughts or questions, you're free to do so... but I hate these "one-liners"!

Aside from drawing, I also compose music! Check out my gallery for a selection of my most favorite compositions! 

And feel always free to message or note me, if you want to ask something!

gender male from Winterberg, NRW, Germany
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pokedemon_0222 4 years ago
wow i love your pics>.< and your website is awesome
ReptileCynrik 4 years ago
^..^ Thanks very much! I'm glad you like my art. Take care and be well - RC
GM 136 4 years ago
Well. . . I've been to your website. It's a bit difficult to browse around it though, only because of some small technical issues. The Wii has a problem with letting you the user go back to the previous page sometimes. My Wiimote's battery is also dead so it dies every ten seconds. (Typing this is really annoying with that problem) I've only been able to view 3/4ths of your pin-ups so far, and your Star Trek comic looks interesting from what I've seen from the personnel logs. I wonder if my mom would be intereted in reading it, she's a bit of a Treky. ^·--·^ JK
ReptileCynrik 4 years ago
Well, I would not visit my website with a "Wii"... really. Even the "PS3" has some problems. That's because it's not a professional, but a user page. :P
She's a "Trekkie"? Well, she MIGHT like it.... if she can see beyond "boy's dreams" about the countless sexy, naked women in that comic! ^..^
Still, I wish you fun with my website and hope you can view it with no problems. After all... there is MUCH to discover.
GM 136 4 years ago
For now I'm going to have to use my PS3. My computer has blockers on it so your site would probably be blocked. My mom would probably unlock it for me though. (Such is the advantage of having a open minded mom that knows you're a furry/scaly) ^--^ The advantage of going on the PS3 is that I have a 40inch 1080i flatscreen T.V. to veiw everything on while I'm relaxing in my recliner. I also have the PS3 hooked up with HDMI. Funny thing is, that HDMI cord was given to me by Micorsoft for getting the X-box 360 Elite. A Microsoft cord running a Sony product's vision. ^--^
ReptileCynrik 4 years ago
So then, with "PS3" you have the option to watch my art in HIGH quality! ^..^
And btw... I don't think that my site would be blocked. It is a really clean site, I took care of that. No yiff... and only a few mature artworks. And a few naked women (who are drawn in a serious and nice way) are no reason to be blocked. :D
GM 136 4 years ago
Indeed it does mean that I can view your art and any other "things" in high quality. About the web blocker, K9 web blocker is a BITCH! It blocks everything. I really do think that your site would be flagged for at least pornography. But hell, I can just have my mom unlock it for me. I really don't think she would care. She doesn't care that I'm on YS and actually approves of me making stories.
ReptileCynrik 4 years ago
How often do I have to tell you this...? My personal website contains NO porn, at all!!
My homepage is completely "user friendly for all ages"! ;)
GM 136 4 years ago
I know it doesn't contain any porn. It's just that the web blocker would know that the site has a few topless woman and call it "adult rated", "Pornography"(possibly), and for things like that. Even that clean pic that you have of Reptile and his mate would probably be considered porn by the blocker. It's that much of a bitch.
ReptileCynrik 4 years ago
*smiles warmly* My friend... NO blocker in the world would know THAT! After all, my files don't contain any information. And the "topless woman" comic page.... is called "23"!!!!!! XD
Ya know... the blockers look for certain keywords. ;)
But never mind. ^..^ Keep watching and enjoy your stay there.
Jakobean 4 years ago
A lot of times, however, especially home and school blockers, work by blocking everything, and the admin unlocks the "appropriate" sites. So no, it is not because you have a dirty (it's not) website, it's because they don't know about it. I would know. I run IT for Lincoln School District in Phoenix. Keep up the good work, Reptile. And Gm 136? Don't sweat it. Just run a proxy server on an unblocked computer.. :P
The Twin Dragons 4 years ago
Hi Reptile! About a week or two ago I asked you how to put music on here. We'll there is a problem, I finally finished 4 songs and they're in MP3 format but I can't upload it. Any Ideas? I'd love to show you my musical talent.
ReptileCynrik 4 years ago
Arrgh, man.... I really am getting a little bit "annoyed" now. Sorry, for being so harsh but... what the hell don' you understand? Last time, I've told you step by step HOW to upload a song!!! >..<
IS it realy THAT hard?? You upload it just like a picture or story!! So, ONE LAST TIME:
1) You go to "Submit" - "Submit music" (headline of this page)
2) You add title, file, describtion and keywords
3) You're done!
That is really not difficult!!! :(
And it you still have problems, just send me... your songs per e-mail, kay? ^..^
Zerg88 4 years ago
Heh, okay...)
Zerg88 4 years ago
Hallo wieder, Rep! Bei dir die gute Musik, übrigens. Wie es bei mir ergibt, deutsch zu sprechen?)
ReptileCynrik 4 years ago
Sounds like an "online translator" to me. Better use your own english! ;)
SwiftWindSpirit 4 years ago
Hey Rep another story of mine just went live and it is part 4 of my series of the Adventures of Andrew and Sande.

I've already read through it and did see a few misspelled words but I was aroused most of the time.

When you get the chance let me know what you think.



ReptileCynrik 4 years ago
Thanks, I'll check it out later. :)
Zerg88 4 years ago
Well, probably, I unique Russian which knows you as the artist...) But that I know you is important)))
(I'm speak bad... Yes?:) )
Zerg88 4 years ago
erm... hello Reptile! I'm want say that you very good artist. I'm like your style of art and I'm your fan number one!) Hello from Russia! ;) Реп‚айл, ‚‹ ‡Ð´Ð¾! ^_^
ReptileCynrik 4 years ago
Since I don't know so many fans from RUSSIA, I'm very sure that you really CAN call yourself "Fan number ONE"!!! :D Glad you like my art. Keep watching!
Thanks a lot! Greetings back from Germany. ^..^
ReptileCynrik 4 years ago
"WORLD IN RUIN: Alpha version finished!"

Game development still in progress... but you can already start playing the alpha version:

The Twin Dragons 4 years ago
Hai Reptile! Just wanted to say that you do an amazing job with your art and music. I also play classical guitar and whatnot but I don't know how to upload it. Could you help me with that? Please? Btw check out the sketch I drew a few years back. It's small though. I got a new computer and all the sketches I drew shrunk. I'll re-upload that sketch when I figure out what's going on. So yeah tell me what you think about it. *Hugz* That's for being an awesome artist and musician. ^.=.^
ReptileCynrik 4 years ago
Hello and thanks VERY much for the message here! :) *hugs* I'm pretty happy that you like my art and music.
So, about uploading music: it works almost the SAME way like uploading art. You go to the "header menu" of your Yiffstar account, click on "Submit" - "Submit Music" and then simply follow the instructions.
Your song must be a Mp3 format!! You just upload it by searching for the file in your directory.
About the keywords... there is a keyword containing "classical" somwhere. Just check it out! ;)
Good luck and I hope this helps you.