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Hi, My Name is Journey and I'm from a clan in Iowa. I'm a half English, half Scotish Gargoyle that likes to read manga and play video games

I'm currently open for commitions.

Sketch: $5
Bust: $5
Pencils: $10
Inks: $15
Light color: $20
Badge: $20
Full color: $25

And because these seem to be my most popular,
6 Sequence Transformation picture: $50

Each additional characters or complex backgrounds: + $5

species Gargoyle
gender female
loves Afghan hound, Akita, Alien likes 69, Anal, Anatomically Correct tolerates Abuse, Amy Rose, Anal vore hates Athlete, Babyfur, Cheating
93 submissions 47,641 page views 148 comments received 23 comments posted 6,586 profile views
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Latest Journal posted 29 Dec 2012

Computer acting up, which means it's time to quit before I rage quit. thank you to all who came

Menevoreth 2 years ago
*takes a bow* Good evening and a good hunt, fellow.
Journey 2 years ago
Oh wow another gargoyle. I was beginning to think I was the only one :D
Menevoreth 2 years ago
A few of us are remaining :) Don't stop searching, sister.
Su-Al 3 years ago
Thanks for the watch.
Tofwap 3 years ago
Its wonderful artists like you that keep this site awesome.
valereth 3 years ago
Welcome to So Furry, then
Journey 3 years ago
yea just started this morning
Char The Husky 3 years ago
you new here?