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About Huzante Huskerton

Character Details: Huzante is by all rights a husky. Standing at a nice size of Seven foot Six inches tall. Yes he is quite large, yes that also means that plump sheath between his thighs isn't lacking in size either. The most noticeable things about the dog would be the two deep sapphire blue glowing marks, one a crescent moon over his chest, the other a paw print on his right forearm. Just what purpose they serve only the husky knows

Huzante's footpaws are Digit-graded, yes he teases people with him, and no they are not ticklish. But if you ever catch the dog in a mood to toy around with people with those paws, well they will just have to take it. But by no means feel shy, if you want to get down there and kiss those feet go for it. He might give you either a funny look, push you away, or step on the back of your head and make you worship them.

Personality: What is Huzante like? He is a LAZY dog. Yes lazy is Bold, Italicized and underlined its not your eyes. Huzante as a character is very lazy, its just how he is. He is a very chilled laid back person, easy to get to know. Easy to talk with for you shy folk, and easy to approach. So do not feel intimidated at all. He's a very understanding dog, likes friends, likes making new friends and is never one to hold a grudge unless its something that strikes at his heart. Which isn't often.

RP info: The husky is a avid RolePlayer, while he isn't at English major grammar level he is still competent. He does expect at least those that play with him have legible grammar, thats all he asks for. Post size varies depending on how well into an RP he is. It can range from casual 2-4 lines up to Multi-paragraphs, he would enjoy getting a decent response if he offers such. Does not mean a word for word reaction post "Huzante humps." "Blank character gets humped" Dulls it quite a bit for me. Offer what you can, I do not and will not expect a equal post, but if you can go for it.
Second note, Huzante may be into vore things, which is probably apparent by kinks. Does not mean -that is all I like- I enjoy a good stuffing from either end, the husky is a (Harsh, romantic, soft, gentle, loving, rough)-Insert one word- Dominate. But if you're wanting to try and take the husky feel free, if he likes you enough he might raise that tail for ya.

species Husky of course of course ;3
gender male
loves 69, Anal, Aroused likes Cum Digestion, Cum bath, Deep Throat tolerates Anal vore, Biting, Cunt Boy hates Insect, Neutering, Tit Fuck
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Florida's Gator 1 year ago
I'm a pinniped which means seal
Huzante Huskerton 1 year ago
sirwtfmate 1 year ago
Thanks for the comment ^-^
Beowulf1990 1 year ago
Love the profile Huzante! Never seen you around before, what a shame ^_^
green wolf 1 year ago
thanks for the comment
KateTheMarten 2 years ago
all done with your request :)
green wolf 2 years ago
thanks for the watch
Shibo 2 years ago
Most certainly! ^^
Rezon TheFox 2 years ago
No problem :3
Xinnova 2 years ago
Hehe thanks for the counter watch! ;)
Huzante Huskerton 2 years ago
Counter watch wit ha MOO! xd
Xinnova 2 years ago
Pfft i'll just have more MOO rawr! hehe
Ezu 2 years ago
Awesome pics. especially the one with the moon on your chest, looks cool
Huzante Huskerton 2 years ago