About Toumal
I'm the founder and admin of sofurry.com
Just in case you didn't notice, the pictures in my gallery area were drawn for me, not by me. That means I can't draw ;)

I'm usually a very sociable orca, so don't be too shy to talk to me on sofurry chat when you see me on.

I like Sushi, listening to good Jazz and Downtempo music, writing music and fooling around with synthesizers, Airsoft, RC model airplanes and helicopters, game programming, playing games, and of course pretty much everything furry ;)

species Orca
gender male from Vienna, Austria
loves Acid Jazz, Alien, Ambient likes Amphibian, Canine, Cervine tolerates BDSM, Crossdressing, Male Pregnancy
272 submissions 2 roleplay characters 3,050,954 page views 6,651 comments received 11,287 comments posted 244,491 profile views
groups   SoFurry
  All Male Gayness
  Cetacean Males

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RoadHopeStar 9 hours ago
Thanks for watching. :D
Dichromaru_Ichaxr 1 day ago
Long time no see, mister Orca. :2
Blue Jay 2 days ago
Thanks for the vote and fave.
StGeorgesHorse 2 days ago
Thanks for the fave! And thank you for all of the work you do!
SkyShadowDragon 3 days ago
Rawr thankies toumal : D
Lycanthromancer 3 days ago
Hey Toumal. Is there any way to report someone for infractions like harassment? Firefromheaven has openly stated here on SoFurry that he plans on "openly ridiculing" me every chance he gets, and I've been getting harassment on other websites from sock-puppet accounts that are obviously him, and before that, he was harassing me here -- until I blocked him. Info here.
Demonickron 3 days ago
Thanks for the site
JCFox 6 days ago
Shark_Blade 6 days ago
*Nods and wags, blushing a little* Hehe nice it is =D
Shark_Blade 1 week ago
Hi there ^^ Thank you for watching =3 I really appreciate it 8D