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Latest Journal posted 28 Mar 2013

Sometimes, you can't help but feel alone.

Others, you can't but feel overwhelmed

When all you want is balance,

You get nothing but chaos.


Every now and then,

You take time to notice the impacts on your life.

Whether it be all the stress and hardships,

Or all joy and happiness you ever felt.


Sometimes you think that it could be better,

Other you think it could be worse.

Never getting that feeling of full content,

Or the feeling of pure hoplessness.


Every now and then,

You try to take a little time for yourself.

However you always end up feeling guilty,

Or having not one care in the world.


We live in a constant state,

Where nothing can ever be equal

At one given point we are up,

The other point being down.


Every now and then,

You just have to accept things the way they come.

Sometimes, even though you don't ...

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TylerMerritt 1 year ago
Will you make another chapter of Brothel?
Namyrolis 1 year ago
Of course, I know it late, very, but my work schedule and the stress of late would have effected my writing so I have been holding off on it until I'm in a more stable mood.
Pythos 1 year ago
Thanks for the fave!
Namyrolis 1 year ago
np babe love the work
firefromheaven 2 years ago
Thanks for the favorite for The Hunt Is On!!!!! Have you tried the rest of the story yet?
Namyrolis 2 years ago
your welcome babe. mwahh
ReignNAragor 2 years ago
Thank you much for the fav and watch! Hope you enjoy the pics and stories ;D
Namyrolis 2 years ago
Oh I am. Trust me. *gets closer to screen*
Dasher Cheetah 2 years ago
Hi! *Waves and smiles* Thanks for the watch. Always nice to meet someone who is tech savy and tries to learn things.
Namyrolis 2 years ago
Mwah anytime Bud. I got skype if you ever need help
Xi-entaj 2 years ago
Thank you for the watch & fave :). I appreciate them.
Namyrolis 2 years ago
How can I not? You have written one of the most interesting stories on the site :)
Moshoftheme 2 years ago
Thanks for the fave and watch!! Love you!
Namyrolis 2 years ago
Cearulwolf 2 years ago
Thanks for the fav, watch, and vote! :)
Namyrolis 2 years ago
Mwah how could I not. Your Smexy
Ajani 2 years ago
Thank you for the watch mate^^
Namyrolis 2 years ago
You welcome babe
FelineElement 2 years ago
mew mew Thank u ^x^ that and hit me up anytime if you wanna chat on yahoo or on here ^_^ glad to meet u