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species Wolf / Husky
gender male
loves Anal, Anthro, Athlete likes Ball Slapping, Balto, Bareback tolerates Death Metal
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GulidTheWolf 7 months ago
thnx for the fav
Aiyu 6 months ago
No problem :)
GulidTheWolf 6 months ago
Frosty 1 year ago
Appreciate the fave :P
Aiyu 1 year ago
No worries
Frosty 1 year ago
Looks like that's "faves" plural now, heh :)
Aiyu 1 year ago
They are pretty good. Kinda had to like em :)
Skreft 1 year ago
How's a pup?
Aiyu 1 year ago
Pup is good?
Skreft 1 year ago
Good :)
Aiyu 1 year ago
Sorry i took for ever to reply, No computer :(
Devon Bearcoon 1 year ago
Thank you for the fav :)
Aiyu 6 months ago
No problems
BuckSaber 2 years ago
Thanks for all of the faves, mate! :3
Aiyu 10 months ago
No probs Matey :)
FrANUBIS 2 years ago
Thanks for the fav! ^^
Havenshardlight 2 years ago
Thank you for the fave :D.
It's rare I get one so long after posting a picture :3
Aiyu 6 months ago
No worries hehe
kitncub 2 years ago
thanks for faving the damsel in distress illustration! be sure to visit the artist, SydneySnake on Inkbunny -- and if you're curious, check out the story that inspired it:
GothBear 2 years ago
Thanx for the fav! <3
Gray Muzzle 2 years ago
Thanks for faving the Gray Muzzle badge. I just received it today- even more awesome in real life.