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OPEN for commissions species Ascended Chaos Dragon
gender female
loves Dragon, Dragoness, Drake likes Anthro, Bisexual, Fellatio tolerates Demon, Demoness, Ejaculation hates Babyfur, Dance, Gospel
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Latest Journal posted 17 Apr 2014

Trying out a YCH auction again; this time something nsfw, so is being hosted on my alternate gallery 

You can have your character drawn having consensual sex with my 'fursona' Solitaire.

Here's the auction:

Questions regarding the auction will be answered at

YCH nsfw auction with the character 'Solitaire' - anthro female Psuedo-Wolvake (type of chaos dragon).

Commission Details
* Traditional art only (I don't do a...

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Inanna Eloah 2 months ago
Thank you very kindly for the watch. :)
Thekingofcrocodiles 1 year ago
You draw excellent scaly things. n_n
ryoken 1 year ago
Aha, Zha'Krisstol! Long time no see!
Cyberhorn 1 year ago
thank you for the watch <3 your dragons
bdsmfag 1 year ago
Really loving the detail in your art without it becoming too visually noisy.
Hunter_kanuk 1 year ago
interesting artwork , thanks for sharing.