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Hi guys! Heard a lot of good things about this place so I thought I'd set up my gallery here. I attend a few cons a year so feel free to say hi! species Harpy Eagle / Jaguar
gender female
loves Church, Cuddling, cosplay likes Disney, Neopets hates Abuse, Anal vore, Babyfur
87 submissions 70,740 page views 305 comments received 21 comments posted 12,055 profile views
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Latest Journal posted 31 Dec 2011

Almost 30K views? I haven't even uploaded in forever! o.o;;


Io 3 months ago
All the best in 2014! XP
AncientWolf 1 year ago
I got the two shot glasses in fine shape that I ordered from you. ;) You can see one of them in my hand here:
Matt_the_Furry 1 year ago
Hey, love your stuff on Fandom Fashions.
CrazyGoLucky 1 year ago
°//3//° Ssssoooo cute~!
weremagnus 2 years ago
You're very welcome for the watch! You have some nice stuff :)
I love your work!
Godel Fishbreath 2 years ago
Do you do commissions?
YuikoChan 3 years ago
agh! you're totally amazing! @_@
Zhivago 3 years ago
Agh! Thank you very much! =@.@=
Toumal 3 years ago
I should feature more of your awesome art ^_^
Zhivago 3 years ago
I wouldn't complain! Thank you! ^__^
VinchenzoTheJackal 3 years ago
Wow you have some really great stuff here. You don't seem to have only porn or wierd fetishes in your gallery as well, so you obviously tend to make alot of quality art in addition to the stuff commonly looked at by some. I like your art, I'll watch you. Say, do you have an FA profile?
Zhivago 3 years ago
Thank you very muchly for the kind words :D And yes, I'm ZhivagoD on FA ^_^