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loves 8-bit, Ambient, Anal hates Date rape, breathplay, fatfur
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Latest Journal posted 23 Nov 2012

I'm thinking about doing a YCH auction exclusivly to you peeps here who watch me :3

Not sure what kind of pose it will be or if it will be porn or not but I've been kinda wanting to draw lately and I'm good at doodling things so poses are pretty on the whim and easy for me, and I figured since Ive been on this site since way back in the day I'd give some specials to it


Just wanna know if there would be intrest in it?

Thoughts? Poses?

Thorn 2 years ago
Hehe, small world eh?
ShaggyBlood 4 years ago
Silver Cloud 4 years ago
Lol, lawl
Sylo 4 years ago
heehee hi!
wolfje87 4 years ago
youre welcome