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About Arayna
Arayna is a short (5'), but spunky, Hourglass Dolphin. She has a feminine athletic build. She is an anthro with 5 fingers and toes. She has a shortish all black tail and a blowhole. She also has B-cup breasts and nipples. Her markings are black and white like that of a feral hourglass, but she also has white fingers, and toes, as well as the soles of her feet. Her eyes are a leafy shade of green with blue hues. She doesn't have hair, but does wear clothes. She likes to wear loose fitting shirts and is usually in capris or shorts. She has a thick woven anklet that she wears on her left ankle. She doesn't wear jewelry except for an occasional low-key necklace. She usually wears flip-flops, sandals, or slip on shoes.

She likes to stay active and enjoys spending time at the beach. She likes to swim, play volley ball, and have bonfires. She love spending time with friends and enjoys drinking socially. She doesn't smoke and would rather stay away from drugs and smokers. She is very warm and friendly towards her friends and is very experimental with her sexuality.
species Hourglass Dolphin
gender female
loves Anthro, Cetacean, Chocolate likes 70s, 80s, Anatomically Correct hates Forced sex, Underage, joykill
26 submissions 20,769 page views 161 comments received 68 comments posted 8,810 profile views
groups   Cetacean Males
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Latest Journal posted 08 Aug 2011

After an unforseen expense that I REALLY wanted to avoid, I've opened 5 more commission spots. If you or anyone you know want a commission, please let me know. I will draw (almost) anything!!

Information can be found here: Thank you!!


Cetaceaphile 9 months ago
I necroed my account. Ohai again
Wounded Knee 1 year ago
Hey, will you do an anthro rp with me? If you do, I will let you know that I only rp via the pm system here, and that I usually reply with one-or-two liners.
Jakooboo 1 year ago
Hello again. ^^
Zagin 2 years ago
Gosh, your icon is so cute... And I like your gallery.
Arayna 2 years ago
Thank you ^^
Vipera 2 years ago
It's great to see another lover of 'phins!
Arayna 2 years ago
likewise ^^
Angus4life2 2 years ago
Why, hello.
Arayna 2 years ago
Hello :3
MichiruKaminari 2 years ago
A bit late, but thanks for the watch and favs and ratings.
Cetaceaphile 2 years ago
It's a you :O
Tokihiko 3 years ago
Annwyd 3 years ago
- waves in return - hey!!