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hello there everyone, know you're expecting a little explanation of who I am and what I do......well that's gonna come soon. just have to find some time and sit down to write it. but until the hugs and smooches from me to you.

Sincerely, Arada448

species Ancient Aura Lucario
gender male
loves Bathroom, Classroom, Cunt Boy 19 submissions 24,391 page views 247 comments received 234 comments posted 4,683 profile views
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Latest Journal posted 28 Jan 2014

Alright today is the day, today is the day, I actually get my unfinished stories done and out of the way. no more saying "I will get it done tomorrow or next week, or wait for the next best opportunity." I will be getting this done withing the next month. why? Because I am tired of seeing these stories half done. so expect to be seeing the last chapter of Time of War by the end of February. And I promise if it is not out by then I give full permission to to pester me until I get it done.  

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Wounded Knee 2 months ago
No problem.
Vexxus 3 months ago
Thankies for watchin' me! Enjoy my stories ;)
Bazinga 5 months ago
Hiya there! Nice avatar, by the way ~
hondasarecool 10 months ago
Salaav Onitrex 1 year ago
wait.... nuu..
Arada448 10 months ago
*runs and hugs you twirling you around * I've been pretty good, and now I've even come back
Salaav Onitrex 10 months ago
Hahaha! Yayy, good to hear! *giggles and hugs back*
Salaav Onitrex 1 year ago
Hah! Haha! How've you been?
NIWACMB262 1 year ago
hey ur welcome :D
Arada448 1 year ago
*happy face*

Well let's if these things work
Arada448 1 year ago
Darn only the one did, now I have to learn the codes
You better have one up soon.........I'm circling overhead.........
YOU SAID YOU'D HAVE ONE UP BY NOW. If I catch you in MY skies, your losing a wing. get it, dood? watch your six. >3
it's all good though. I know stuff happens, just hurry, 'kay? XD
Arada448 1 year ago
haha don't worry I'll have the new one up in a matter of ours.....I hope