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species Dhole/Karelian BearDog
gender male from Denmark
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Latest Journal posted 11 Jul 2011

Hello everyone. How are you today? ^_^

I am pretty busy these days with several projects, but I am still
accepting fursuit commissions. Here´s what I can offer :)
None of my prices are exact, since everything depends on materials/details etc.


(I you want the padpads to be stuffed eith cotton, it´ll cost a little extra, since
that takes more work, than pawpads which are glued on)
Paw gloves (short sleeves - goes to the elbow)
+ claws: 45$
- claws 40$
Paw gloves (long sleeves - goes to the shoulder)
+ claws: 60$
- claws: 50$

I prefer that you send me a pair of shoes that fits you, and I can then
build the paws on that pair of shoes to make sure it´ll fir perfectly.
+ claws: 75$
- claws: 65$

* Heads:
+ Moving jaw: 575$
- Moving jaw: 500$

sexylexy 2 years ago
hey i like your suit can you do gargoyle head bychance
TheKarelia 2 years ago
I believe so, but wouldn´t be easy/cheap in materials.
Dasoslukos 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch * wags*
runtt 2 years ago
Thanks you for watchin' and favin'! >"^_^"
Kale Skylark 3 years ago
Just a shout to say hello :) Great gallery picts and would love to see more :)
TheKarelia 3 years ago
Thanks ^^ I promise to upload much more :D
BigLutris 3 years ago
very nice :3
TheKarelia 3 years ago
thanks a lot! ^_^
invisibleBear 3 years ago
I like the comic "Sercet Art", can't wait to see what happens next. ^_^
TheKarelia 3 years ago
I am truly happy to hear that! Thanks! :)

I will as soon as possible submit more pages ^^
Shwee 3 years ago
heyhey, caught your stuff on the front page, welcome, and great gallery ^^

Just wondering, would you be interested in an art trade?
TheKarelia 3 years ago
Thank you very much. I appreciate you think so! ^__^
Sure, sounds like fun. I am very busy these days, but I am sure I am able to do an art trade with you. What did you have in mind? :)