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About Shooting Star_Wolves
Name: WolfTail aka Shooting Star_Wolves
Sex: Anytime, anywhere, any position, anything goes [really!]
Gender: Male out, secretly girl in [not really, but I am Bi soooooo :]
Okay okay enough fooling around, I hate doing stuff like Bios on myself, because I'm not that interesting. I DO a lot of different things other then write dumb stories I never post or read and/or masturbate to the wonderful and amazing stories and art on sofurry. I RP, write RP, compose music, Rave [fuck yea!!], Freerun and Parkour, read, write short and long stories, draw [many different things], live-stream [ various games and my Parkour events], Skype, go to work [killing me], make Victorian/Gothic/Lolita style clothing, also preform magic and spend time with my soon to be ex girlfriend. O_O ... o_o ...-_T... ._. I Cant See Anything

See, not that interesting. Um, I hope to find someone on here that can actually share my love for furries and such [especially after I was lead on by a fake wolf (non-sofurry related). I want to do commissions, "Why?", you might ask, because those who do get noticed. I also do personal, upon request.

That's just about all I can think of at the moment, if you are interested in me just leave me a comment and maybe we can become friends :3 Haters Welcomed!

species Black Alaskian Wolf
gender male from Forest of Sound, Land of Heart
loves Underage 8 submissions 6,215 page views 41 comments received 145 comments posted 3,409 profile views
groups   Ferals Only!
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Latest Journal posted 25 Jan 2014

I'm not exactly sure what to do with my work. I have so much unfinished work (art, stories, and photos), but I'm worried. I reach a point to were I feel like they don't amount to nothing. Is that self conciseness? Is it just being lazy or loss of insperation? Is it a refelection of my current life?

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Human and The Wolf Cub
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dramspringfield 3 weeks ago
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Shooting Star_Wolves 4 weeks ago
yep still here
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Shooting Star_Wolves 3 months ago
No problem
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O_O ... o_o ...-_T... ._. i cant see anything
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