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loves M/F, Macro likes micro tolerates F/F, crush, stomp hates M/M, Spooge, hyper
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Latest Journal posted 02 Apr 2014

They aren't popular, so few people apart from the same two or three people even care about them, so what's the point anymore? If I never posted another thing, how many of the watch me would ACTUALLY notice? Probably those same two or three, but nobody else. Not much point when I feel so ignored in the community. *Shrug* Guess it's been a (not-so)-wonderful 7 years but probably time to move on, not that many people will actually notice.

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Ray Cottonfang 9 months ago
TY! It has been forevah! *Hugs one big paw*
Always happy to see you post. (3
TyVulpintaur 9 months ago
*Waves* :3
Ray Cottonfang 9 months ago
*Twitches ears and nose happily and waves back* X3
TyVulpintaur 9 months ago
*Picks up and nuzzles* ;3
Ray Cottonfang 9 months ago
*Giggles as is picked up in a paw and has mah whole body nuzzled. I cuddle your snout as you do.* And, yes! I'd be so happy to be your friend, Ty. (3
TyVulpintaur 9 months ago
*nuzzles* ^^ hope you're well
Ray Cottonfang 9 months ago
I am doing exquisitely well, thanks! *works on picture*
TyVulpintaur 7 months ago
*picks up and nuzzles* wake up :3
Ray Cottonfang 7 months ago
*Whole body is nuzzled and meeps happily* Mrah! X3
TyVulpintaur 6 months ago
Nudges :3
Ray Cottonfang 6 months ago
*Giggles* X3

How are you? I have been a busy bunny. |3
TyVulpintaur 6 months ago
Bored :-/
Ray Cottonfang 6 months ago
*Hugs as best I can and nuzzles* (3

Being bored is no good! *Climbs up and sits on the bridge of your snout*
TyVulpintaur 5 months ago
*Peeks to see what pics the silly rabbit is working on* ^^
Hardcover 11 months ago
Thank you for the fave on Taylor The Ring Tailed Lemur.
ClockworkKnight 11 months ago
Thanks for the vote and the fave.
AnubusKiren 1 year ago
Thanks for faving!
Dasher Cheetah 1 year ago
Hello there! *smiles* thanks for the fav on Rabbit Test. always nice to know my work is enjoyed.
SMWolf 1 year ago
Thank you for the Fave!
DesertfoxNick 1 year ago
Hey! ^.^  Thanks for responding too my inquiry TY!  I bustle about in several subjects but with your help I'm able to see what we're lacking.  It's also inspiring to know you'd appreciate said topic, and I'll be sure to keep it m/f for ya... ~_^ 
SMWolf 1 year ago
Thanks for the Fave!
Imago 2 years ago
Thanks for the faves! ^^
red tygon 2 years ago
Thanks fur another fave and vote mate! Cheers lots!