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I'm just a friendly dolphin with a foul mouth and a flat surface.

 I accidentally avatar?user=214075&character=0&clevel=0 Cyrakhis

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species Bottlenose
gender male
loves 69, Aqua Sex, Bareback likes Anal, Aphrodisiac, Aroused tolerates Auto-Cunnilingus, Autofellatio, Biting hates Anal vore, B-snakes, BBW
250 submissions 208,315 page views 770 comments received 220 comments posted 38,036 profile views
groups   Cetacean Males
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  Avian/Bird Lovers

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Latest Journal posted 24 Jan 2014

A long-overdue explanation for my continued inactivity.

More of the same, I guess - before the summer I'd posted up saying that I'm shelving commission arts for the time being because of fulltime work and its demands on my time and energy.
And so it's continued, though I've been lucky enough to get a solid gig in my field.

It's also taken me away from home for a good bit of the season, and although I'm on a stable schedule now, there's still not much opportunity for me to sit down and art. I've been taking distance classes in my evenings in order to upgrade skills/buff resume/look good to people who might hire me within the organization once my work term is up.

All that being on my plate, come the end of the day all I want to do is load up battlephin 4 and get some shooty pewpew funtimes in before I have to crash for the night. I'm also looking at the possibility of returning to school to get a master's degree, because we live in a highly competitive world, and it may...

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Greg Striata 3 weeks ago
Heya, I saw you on FA through some of Athus' art.
Avilon 3 weeks ago
Greg Striata 3 weeks ago
Etrii 1 month ago
thank u for the watch and fave <(^v^)>
SMWolf 1 month ago
On behalf of Iron Badger, thank you for the Fave!
hattonslayden 2 months ago
thanks for the fave
Avilon 2 months ago
Your work is solid. I wish I could pen up deer ladies like you can
BPanthress 9 months ago
Thanks for the watch!
GaiasAngel 9 months ago
aaavilooooon 8)
Smexy Oryx 10 months ago
Thanks for the fave! :D
Smexy Oryx 10 months ago
Thank you for the fave :3
Hufnaar 11 months ago
Always nice to be watched by a fellow artist :3 Thank you ^^
adagadeprata 11 months ago
Thank you for appreciating my works! ~^w^~