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[justify] What is Yure? Yure is a felis sapiens, that is, a cat with some human attributes. He is short and pudgy, his fur is blue and pink, his tail is long and fluffy. He walks on two legs, his eyes are yellow and his nose is black. His arms end in paws that are almost completely feline, with presence of thumbs. His stature suggests that he is, biologically, a cub of his species, even if he is, chronologically, twenty years old.
Who is Yure? Yure melancholic-sanguine. He turns towards the beauty and simple complexity of nature, loves to stare at the stars and the moon, likes to think and to speak. Those surely human attributes coexist well with animal instincts: he is carnivore and hunts his preys every morning when he run out of food in his house, he has no problem in drinking from lakes (even if he is very scared of rivers) and loves to explore his body and entertain his mind with it.
How Yure became who he is? Yure had loving parents who taught him philosophy, math and his mother language. When he turned four-year-old, his parents had a sudden change of behavior, attempting to kill him by tying him up and throwing him into a river, which made him utterly scared of drowning. He managed to survive somehow. In 1998, when he was five years old, he found the Fountain of Youth. Drinking from the blessed water made his body stop aging, so he can have the wisdom of an adult and the body of a cub. The downside is chronic bed-wetting.
Where Yure lives? Yure lives in a tree-house, in the Catnip Fields, somewhere in Fenária. He is very fond of that place because of the minty scent that wakes him every morning and makes him relaxed through the whole day. He works as writer, typing fiction and selling avulse pages on the city nearby, to other animals who are more civilized than him. Essentially, he has no friends or family living nearby, so he spends most of his time alone, drinking milk, hunting his daily meat, sleeping or playing in his diapers.
When Yure did this or that? Yure was born in October 14th, 1992. He was loved and nurtured by his parents until 1996. He had his first friends (who were kind enough to take care of him like a younger brother) in that year, days after his rejection. He found the Fountain of Youth, in the year of 1998. In that same year, he found an abandoned tree-house in the Catnip Fields, where he set residence. He got a small job as writer in 2000, so that money could supply him with things that nature did not, such as the typewriter and comfortable diapers.
Why is Yure like this? Yure, unlike a lot of animals, rejects a completely artificial life. He is happy the way he is. He always sate his thirst and hunger, with either piped water or water from a lake, with either other animals or tasty food from the city. He enjoys some of the things brought by money, such as diapers, but just as long they make him feel comfortable. He doesn't like to have strong emotions and doesn't like the fast-paced life. Rather than being euphoric and hyperactive, Yure finds happiness simply in having no pain, in indolence, in the forest under the shadows provided by trees and enjoying the soft breeze that cross the fields.[/justify]
species Felis sapiens.
gender male from Catnip Fields, Fenária
loves Adult, Bear, Biting likes Anal, Anthro, Anthropomorphic tolerates City, Dalmatian, Digital Media hates Alice in the country of hearts, Assassin, Fanart
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JrFur 4 months ago
Thanks for the watch :D ^^
Yure16 4 months ago
No big.
Io 4 months ago
Thank you for the fav! *Nuzzles* XP
Yure16 4 months ago
No big.
*nuzzles back as deep*
Draconis_Nocturnae 4 months ago
you and i hardly roleplay anymore...
Yure16 4 months ago
I haven't been in my best mood recently. I'm giving a general break from a lot of things to reorganize. But it's coming to an end. I'll be back for you.
Gleaming Black 5 months ago
Your fursona looks sweet. I like most of your pics. =3
I tried to read your latest story by Google translator, but it's hard.
Yure16 5 months ago
Thanks, glad you like my cub. Also, there's a translated version of that story, "That flashy ad...". Look it up, it's here on SF.:3
CaptainXeno 5 months ago
So much thanks for the fav!
Yure16 5 months ago
Worry much not.:3 The work deserved to be Favorited.
FievelJ 5 months ago
Thanks For The Fave. ;-)
Yure16 5 months ago
Thanks for posting that.:3
TheTatteredKitty 7 months ago
Tankies Fur Da Faves. =P
Yure16 6 months ago
No problem, cuteling.
TiranMaster 8 months ago
Thank you so very much for the watch, I hope you enjoy my future works. ^.^
Yure16 8 months ago
I most likely will.:3
pinkcubby 9 months ago
Hehe I can't get over the fact that I loves you so much
Yure16 9 months ago
Aw, you honey.:3
Gray Muzzle 10 months ago
Thanks for watchin'
Yure16 10 months ago
No problem.