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Hey all! The name is Isaac, you can call me by that name or my 'pen' name either way doesn't matter..

My fursona is well of a grey wolf, standing at 6Ft tall, just a slightly muscular looking fur also my age is now 20. Well I have a picture finally drawn by a very close friend of mine..^_^ Still absolutely love it!!

As a side note; graduated recently in '10, now finally in this crazy world we live in but with more optimism than most ( its the only thing we got left really...)

My sign is Aquarius and proud of it just being all laid back and awesome like that!

I'm a very nice,kind,caring, benevolent, fur; I'm also pretty shy ,(in only some aspects)... I'm never really mean or angry with anyone, really..

I love to help people out with either big or small problems doesn't matter; personally I think I almost experienced everything really... From suicides, to break ups etc... Always working with those kind of things.

Also a very reliable friend who could really help you with 'almost' anything; I ain't no superhero (but I try..=p) as you can see I usually put others before myself. I just know I'll be that guy that will put myself in front of a bullet for others....eventually...*Sighs* I know it will get me killed someday lol =)

Personally, I never wrote my own stories ( as of now anyways) but I'm confident I'll do well..

My hobbies are reading, writing, video games, and watching movies or anime's whatever perks my interest.. Like for anime; Trigun, Fullmetal Alchemist, Chobits, and a whole lot more..And then for movies usually old like Charlie Chaplin, Marx Bros., The Graduate, and a helluva lot more to list like the "anime" one..

I play D&D in my spare time as well (just getting back into that stuff after soooo long.)

My strong suites are, psychology, literature, history, philosophy, and film

Well Im willing to chat if you want I love to meet new furs..Usually always on so just say your from SF and we are all good =D

Any who thanks for taking the time in reading this and PEACE TO WHOEVER READ IT!!

species Grey Wolf
gender male from United States of America
loves 70s, 8-bit, 80s likes Alcohol, Amnesia, Assassin tolerates Authority, Bad Language, Drugs hates 3D, Bible, Censored
4 submissions 5,215 page views 144 comments received 476 comments posted 4,941 profile views
groups   All Male Gayness
  Wolf Furries

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Dancefreak111 9 months ago
Thank for the friend invite1
SlyWolfe 1 year ago
Hey there, thank you so much for the fave. It means a lot! :3
Pascal Grey 1 year ago
heeeeeeey :3
Hey you <3 Its wonderful to see someone soo nice on my shout board <3
Pascal Grey 1 year ago
well gotta stop by and give you a shout out every once in a while hehe <3
Sean Owen Sinclair 1 year ago
Thanks for the watch and friend request *hugs*.
BigFatSedit 1 year ago
Thanx! glad to hear it! Hopefully I'll be continueing it some more real soon :D
I hope soo love it soo far =3 cannot wait cannot wait ^^
chubbvoulez 1 year ago

I'm happy to know you enjoy my work.
novastar 1 year ago
*war dances all over your shout box*
Hey nova can i dance with you?
novastar 1 year ago
hmm..can you handle the power of the war dance?
HuskieWolf SouthPaw 2 years ago
You aint in skype much are ya?:P
I try to be now your not =3
Pascal Grey 2 years ago
wolfiiieee &lt;3
The Wandering Writer 2 years ago
yes? You rang dear? &lt;3
Pascal Grey 2 years ago
*lick lick* &lt;3
The Wandering Writer 2 years ago
Hehe loves you too =p
novastar 2 years ago
random shout! HOOAH!!