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About shironothewind

A recently come out furry, I'm a decent writer who's looking to try his hand and get some stories on here! I'm not too good at furry or yiff yet though, so if any writers out there would be willing to offer tips or advice they would be greatly appreciated! Hopeing to make some new friends and have some fun times! See ya around! :D

species Gry-falcon
gender male from White Gryphon
loves Bukkake, Cloacal Sex, Creampie likes Toys, bound, breeding tolerates Babyfur, Chemical Use, Weight Gain hates Anal vore, Date rape, Death
0 submissions 31 page views 1 comments received 74 comments posted 1,067 profile views
groups   Dragon Females
  The Lion King

capthavoc123 2 months ago
Thanks for faving!
capthavoc123 6 months ago
Thanks for watching!
Gray Muzzle 7 months ago
and glad to see a fellow writer! Stop by if you ever want to talk shop.
Gray Muzzle 7 months ago
Thanks for watching!
Tempo 1 year ago
Maximus_C 2 years ago
Hi there. Nice to see a falcon on here. Hope you don't mind me watching you and taking your shoutbox virginity. ^__^