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YOU MUST BE LOGGED INTO YOUR SF ACCOUNT TO READ MY STORIES. Also, check your site settings under "Account" to ensure your content filter allows "extreme" submissions. They're seriously radical, man.

species Tiger
gender male
loves Cat, Cock Growth, Deep Throat likes Bondage, Bukkake, Character Development tolerates Cunt Boy, Lesbian, straight hates Desperation, Digimon, Disney
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Latest Journal posted 19 Apr 2014

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TropicalPanda 1 month ago
Thank you very much for the watch, it's greatly appreciated!
Solarian 1 month ago
You write some amazing things Danath, especially enjoyed 'Tadpole'.
Sanmer 1 month ago
Eee... hope you'll have more writing streams. I wanna get another Sanmer Pharma piece
Ellard 2 months ago
You know, it's kinda funny how cute-sy adorable your avatar is considering how hardcore your stories are :P
danath 2 months ago
I dunno about "hardcore." There's no gore, rape, incest, etc. Usually just fucking and blowjobs, sometimes TF growth or tentacles (which I would consider kinky, but not hardcore). :P
Ellard 2 months ago
Yeah maybe kinky would have been a better word, but you get the picture :B Wait, weren't you doing a cock-vore tournament or something like that? That's pretty hardcore.
danath 2 months ago
Yeah, I guess that's pretty hardcore. :P You got me.
Cinnamon 3 months ago
I know it's not for me to say (and you could argue borders on hypocritical) but I really miss your less... Out-there stuff.
danath 3 months ago
I'm not sure I've ever written really vanilla stuff. Most of my stories have at least some kind of weird twist going on. I think you'd have to go back many years to find anything truly vanilla. :P
Cinnamon 3 months ago
Oh, I didn't say vanilla!
danath 3 months ago
Oh, I get what you mean. Yeah... a lot of the stream stories in particular are out there. I get a plot idea from a person, but they're often incomplete or silly or unrealistic to the point suspension of disbelief is going to be very difficult to achieve, plus I only have 3-4k words to work in. I have to take a lot of shortcuts. Hopefully my longer stories are a bit more realistic, I guess! :)
TiggyTiger 6 months ago
As a writer myself, I have to say that I envy you. Your stories are flawless and your plots are juicy. I wish I was able to write as effortless as you seem to be able to! :) Keep up the amazing work Danath! It is loved so dearly by so many!
danath 6 months ago
I would never consider my writing flawless, but thank you! I'm glad you enjoy them. :)
Psi Nei 6 months ago
Still a massive fan, and thanks so much for the stream tonight! Miles is going to ~DIE~ when he reads that, and in a good way~! ("Little deaths", mostly, if you catch my literary drift. ;3)
Winterdragon 6 months ago
Ah that sucks, hope those large stories are still around, they were a good read from you. :3
Winterdragon 6 months ago
Trying to find your gameshow episodes where you had the character being changed paired up with a character of yours in the show. I think one involved a male canine turning female as he was teased by a herm of sorts.
danath 6 months ago
I had to take down the large compilation of stream stories (the 500,000-word one) because it was too big for the site, but there are still a few on SF here. A lot are also on FA (check my scraps).
Th3Ch0s3n0n3 3 months ago
You still have them, I'd assume. May I ask If I may receive them in a file form for my collection?
nathan400 8 months ago
Just wanted to say, I am still a fan after more than 3 years of reading (and, more tellingly, re-reading) your stories.
danath 6 months ago
Thanks! :)