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So, I am a lovable wolf (generic yes I know). But I kinda have a lone wolf thing going on (also pretty generic, so sue me :P). I have a love of American muscle cars, although I don't say no to nice Japanese cars. And I also love swords. I have a story in progress. Although, it is being edited at the moment. I also have writers block (hence the revision of earlier chapters).

I like stories, and artwork (can't draw though).

At the moment I am living in Japan, and loving it.

I do have a profile on FA, but I don't really post there.
species wolf
gender male hates Abra, Amy Rose, Anal vore
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Latest Journal posted 04 Aug 2012

So I have just arrived on Okinawa for the beginning of my two week vacation here.  I already feel more at home here than I do back on the main island of Japan.  I'm not saying that the Japanese up there are mean, because they are some of the nicest people I've ever met.  But, I guess the entire vibe of this place is just so laid back.


I don't want to go back north.  This place rocks!


Oh well, maybe I could come live here in the future, if I felt like I needed to.

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Clockwise 2 years ago
Your commission is done:
ozknine 2 years ago
awesome! thanks heaps. sorry I haven't been on. my router went down :(
Zyrin 2 years ago
Thank you for the watch~
ozknine 2 years ago
Hey mate no problems. Thank you for the great story.
Alpha Donovan 2 years ago
Thanks, I really did not see that. I will look harder next time.
TimeStop~ 2 years ago
Thanks for the notice but i didn't write the use now i have to go kick my little bros ass.
ozknine 2 years ago
Lol all good man.
omegalupus 2 years ago
Heya! Thanks for the watch, dude! Really appreciate it :)
ozknine 2 years ago
no probs mate. It's great artwork, and refreshing that it was clean. keep it up :)
HolidayPup 2 years ago
ello buddy!! Love your story Suddenly Furry!!! can't wait to see more of your writing!!! I'll be watching. Also thanks so much for the fav and the watch. 8D
ozknine 2 years ago
Aye man, thanks so much for that. Also, I love your story too. Can't wait for more!
TFEFS 3 years ago
Shout box lookin' pretty empty, so ROAR!!
love your story too!
ozknine 3 years ago
XD cheers buddy. ROAR! to you too :)