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First things first mates, I never have attempted to take a randy horse...that rumor is a load of waffle. And what dog in his right mind can refrain from chasing the occasional squirrel or rabbit as enticing as they are? I'll admit to a good few times doing just that ;) I never filled a swimming pool with whipped cream that belonged to my mates favorite hockey team. I never spent a week held captive by a clan of foxes, escaping only after leaving them all in an exhausted state of afterglow. Honestly who starts this stuff? I never took on a whole pack of sled dogs without a breather...well maybe I did do that but honestly that was long ago and the turnout was a tad exaggerated.... And who gives a dingos kidney if I can lick my own clacker?...All dogs can. Also whoever originally accused me of living up to my name would only be half right, a brush dog like me has a holiday here and there but in all honesty I'm just a simple pup who enjoys life as it comes. Feel free to drop me a line or visit my den blokes, love meeting new people! Also I promise I don't bite....much <333 Groups I Manage Include: Felidae Fans : https://www.sofurry.com/groups/view?id=3846 and Holidays Holidays Holidays! https://www.sofurry.com/groups/view?id=2692 My Mate
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he's bloody brilliant and very sexy, the sweetest and most charming person a guy could meet, love ya speed
species dingo/swiss shepherd mix
gender male
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from now on when I'm referring to sex, yiff, yummy friendly benefits and all the good stuffs (at least part time) I think I'll call it good ol fashioned  "bounce cuddling"!

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Darris 2 days ago
*Chuckles* Figured I'd give blanket thanks for all the votes and faves on Chosen, rather than one for each. I'm glad you're enjoying, and feel ... well, honored to receive such praise from such an adorable and sexy canine as yourself. ;-)
Darris 3 days ago
Hehe. Thanks for the watch too :)
Darris 3 days ago
Thanks for the fave and vote! Glad you enjoyed Chosen, chap 1!
Abyssa 3 days ago
Hey there! I'm less active on these other sites, and mostly use FA, but feel free to stalk me haha. I also have IB but it's the same as here pretty much. Nothing new :p
*tap dances all over your page*

thanks for the fave dear! <3
Just wondering if all is ok and if you have gotten my pms
imashybabyfurry 2 weeks ago
nice work
spring87 2 weeks ago
Finished another one ;) https://www.sofurry.com/view/688108
Stolz 3 weeks ago
Thanks for faving! :3